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The Trippmeister

Jan 8, 2011, 12:13:05 PM1/8/11
to Synekism
Will Synekism ever be available for Linux? (Translation: PLEASE make
Synekism available for Linux. You've no idea how much I despise

I've attempted to run it in Wine. The installer fails - no matter how
I tinker with the settings, it still demands Windows XP or above.
After installing it in Win7, I tried running the installed binary
through Wine. Wouldn't start, because it wanted msvcp100.dll - not a
problem. Now Synekism will start, but has a blank blue-gray screen
and spits about a billion DirectX-related error messages per second.

Of course, I'm no Wine expert, so it may be possible to make it work.
I'll keep tinkering. But either way keep up the good work, because
what I'm seeing so far (running in Windoze...) is excellent, and has
tremendous promise.


Jan 8, 2011, 8:06:59 PM1/8/11
to Synekism
Yes, there will be Linux and Mac support as soon as 8 months and as
late as mid-2012. Our next major tackle (not that stability isn't a
tackle), so v0.3, is either traffic sim or multiplayer. However, we
already have a rendering structure from the 0.2 update to allow for
multiple API's (DX9 and DX10), so adding OpenGL support (so Linux/Mac
support) shouldn't be too difficult.

Now, regarding Wine, I'm not sure how our dependency on the Visual
Studio 2010 runtimes affects compatibility. Also, maybe this will
help, the only reason we have an installer and not just a zip is
because of our dependencies on DirectX and Visual Studio resources
which need to be installed along our stuff. If you can install those
two separately prior you should be able to just copy our exe and the
Resource folder to Wine and just run it (also manually create a
"Saves" folder in the same directory as the exe to be able to save
your cities).

And thanks.

Oct 6, 2012, 5:13:44 PM10/6/12
Any update about Linux/Mac OS X compatibility?


Oct 8, 2012, 12:59:33 PM10/8/12
Short answer is that there's no progress on either.

Porting is a lot of work but the main deterrent is the maintenance
work I would have to do on-going if I do port Synekism to these other
platforms. I already have to make sure Synekism runs on the supported
Windows versions which takes a significant amount of time. Supporting
more platforms just means more testing and less development.

The truth is that I don't believe the game is anywhere close to
complete by any metric. Windows is my test platform. When the game
comes closer to completion I will consider porting it.

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