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Dec 10, 2011, 9:52:01 PM12/10/11
to syne...@googlegroups.com
Hello, it seems that Synekism calculates demand independently for each zone density (which is what seems logical to do). If so, it would be great to see which zone is more in demand. I attached an image of what I'm thinking. Of course the game will eventually get really advanced views and such, but for now this would really make it easier to know what zoning density to use.

Synekism mockup.png


Dec 11, 2011, 12:42:05 AM12/11/11
to Synekism
I'm afraid you give us too much credit. Synekism is still quite
simplistic. Demands are calculated per zone type with no regard to
zoning density (or any other factors for that matter). What you see on
the UI is actually everything Synekism knows.

Now, we do have some hard-coded thresholds for medium and high density
lot development which are based on population and will limit their
growth if the population is too low. In addition, the actual
population density of an area can greatly encourage higher density
building development. You can use the data views under the Settings
menu (top right corner gear) to visualize the population density of an

Also, don't forget that as of v0.4.2 high density lots will only
develop if there are nearby government lots.

Hope that clears things up and thanks for the mockup. We might do
something similar when have the data to support it.

>  Synekism mockup.png
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Dec 11, 2011, 1:23:22 PM12/11/11
to Synekism
Ah, ok! I got mixed up because my high density lots weren't growing at
all. I also felt as though the game would encourage certain densities
more than others at certain times. Thanks for the clarification.


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