City sim: What is it and why do we like it.

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Sep 3, 2012, 10:57:38 AM9/3/12
I'm thrilled to see that synekism team(you are team of more than one person, is it still?) is continuing the progress.
As mentioned before, your monster competitor/predecessor is heading toward little different path from my wants. Thus I'd like to
keep on eye on you guys more. (Most probably ending up buying one copy from them. After all I want to see at least play through it)

We could write down freely why we like city sim to help shaping core game element more clearly.

1. Scenery creation with nature and human built artificial buildings/structures and its growth/decline/change
2. Efficient and effective transportation network. Different industry sectors and consumers, then materials moving around and between them.
3. Sense of control over your domain.
4. Sense of achievement.
5. Player(me) being attached to the city and event inside various city district or road intersection.
6. Having realistic looking road network at inside and out of city and cities. (playable region as whole)


Sep 4, 2012, 7:49:51 AM9/4/12
Ya, it's just me now. No more "team".

Good list. Will keep in mind going forward.
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