crash at lvl 15 ?

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Dec 7, 2012, 11:32:12 AM12/7/12
thanks for the port guys, working great and I love it

but.. my game keeps crashing on lvl 15... never at the same place... normally when things are blowing up or there's fighting... but never at the same spot..

one time I blow up a building it's fine, next time I do it the game caches

stuck on this level and can't get past it because the game crashes every time

I know the level inside out now, can piratically do it with my eye's close I've tried that many times

any ideas ?  anyone else have this problem ?  I'd re-install but I'm worried I'll lose my save game I worked so hard for !


Oct 9, 2020, 6:48:03 PM10/9/20
to Syndicate Wars Port
I might have fixed that.

It was crashing for me at the tank, sometimes. So I did some changes, didn't crashed after that.
So it either worked, or I got lucky. Either way, here's the possible fix. Or rather workaround - the code is not in a state where we can really trace the real reason:


Nov 10, 2020, 9:24:50 AM11/10/20
to Syndicate Wars Port
Had to do a few more changes, but now the crash is fully work-arounded.

I wouldn't call it 'fixed', because what I did is detection of invalid pointers in tank rockets targetting code. A fix would make sure there are no invalid pointers, instead of detecting the issue when it already happened.

Either way, I now passed the whole Eurocorp campaign, and most of Church one, without a single crash.
More info on that level:

There is still some kind of rare issue with vehicles pathfinding which was not present in original game.
- Sometimes flying cars are behaving like they couldn't reach the target even though they did reached it - flying somewhere else, making circles etc. The behavior it erratic until you exit the car and re-enter it.
- Some road cars are losing their path and can't get back. The car just wiggles around in one place. This is rare, but very annoying. Often happens with the Scientist on this map, if he is left to do his routine over and over:

The fully fixed version will probably be releaed here at some point:

Currently, to get full fix, you need to re-compile the code from that repository.
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