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Mar 18, 2009, 10:04:31 PM3/18/09
to Syncman
I now have to update two google accounts contacts. One that is
assoicated with google voice, and the other that is my google apps
account. Right now I am manually changing syncman whenever I have
changed a good number of contacts to sync the two accounts. Are there
any plans to make syncman handle two different google accounts.

Also, +1 for contact photo sync.


Jeff Nichols

Mar 19, 2009, 5:29:53 AM3/19/09

Funny... just recently answered another email by saying that not that
many people were interested in multi-account sync. Guess I might have
to start revising that position.

I'd love to add support for multiple accounts. As it would be quite
some work, I'd say it'd be a 2.0 feature... and that's not going to
happen any time soon. Manually changing Syncman does work, but bear
in mind that whenever you change accounts the mapping cache gets wiped
out, this results in a 'merge' sync instead of the normal 'replace'
sync. Just something to keep in mind. There's actually no technical
reason for me to do this, so I should probably change the behavior
here. It'd be a good first step towards multi-account sync.

So, in summary...

Yes, I plan on supporting multiple accounts, but only after support
for addresses, photos and groups.


Jeff Nichols
Wateree Software

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