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Michael J. Sonntag

May 25, 2009, 4:13:52 PM5/25/09
to Syncman
I had another question about using your software. I am using one copy
on my desktop and one on my laptop - with each one syncing to a
different Google account. However, when I installed the second copy,
I noticed that the account information was already there, and realized
this was due to Preference Syncing with MobileMe. So, to be careful,
I turned off Preferences Syncing on both computers - to keep both
accounts separate.

However, my question is whether I actually needed to do this - or
whether the syncing would not affect two different accounts - once I
had loaded each in. I didn't want to risk corrupting my data - so I
played it safe. However, if I could keep this version intact, I'd
love to turn it back on.

Do you know if the account information would sync to each computer via
MobileMe Preference Syncing - or would it remain separate?



Jeff Nichols

May 26, 2009, 6:24:42 AM5/26/09
Hi Michael,

Great question. I didn't even realize MobileMe could sync 'generic'
preferences. This will definitely cause problems with Syncman. Right
now all of Syncman's data (including account data) is stored in the

I should move the account data out of the preferences. However, I
think most people would expect the actual list of accounts to be
stored in the preferences and synced between machines (like Mail,
etc), which would still not work for you.

I've never really thought about all this before, so be sure to let me
know if you have any ideas yourself.


Jeff Nichols
Wateree Software

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