v0.7.0 is released

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Isuru Fernando

Mar 14, 2021, 3:38:25 AM3/14/21
to symengine
It is my pleasure to announce that v0.7.0 is released and is available through PyPI
as a sdist and also as wheels.

This release drops Python 2 support and Python < 3.6 support and brings in support for PyPy and
other architectures.

Binary wheels are available for 6 python versions (3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, PyPy3.6, PyPy3.7) for 6 platforms
(linux-x86_64, linux-aarch64, linux-ppc64le, macosx-x86_64, macosx-arm64, win-x86_64).
Not all combinations are available though. All of them have been compiled with GMP/MPIR, MPFR,
MPC, FLINT and LLVM. Manylinux1 support is retained, but wheels have been dropped.

As the linux-aarch64, linux-ppc64le, macosx-arm64 wheels are cross compiled, they are not tested
and we'd like to hear if they work for you.

People who contributed to the release:
* Isuru Fernando  
* Jialin Ma  
* Rikard Nordgren  
* Rohit Goswami

Thanks to everybody who contributed with code, bug reports and reviews. Release notes are
at the end of the email.

Isuru Fernando

=========================Release Notes==================================

Breaking Changes
* Python<3.6 support including Python 2 support was dropped
* When building from source on Windows, MSVC dev environment has to be activated
  beforehand or CMAKE_GENERATOR has to be explicitly set
* is_zero now returns None if the property cannot be determined instead of raising

New Features
* PyPy support
* ppc64le, arm64 support
* Added UnevaluatedExpr
* Added support to pass a Basic object's C++ object pointer using pycapsules
* Add new matrix methods elementwise_mul, conjugate and conjugate_transpose

Bug Fixes
* Workaround for DLL loading changes in python>=3.8.
  Set "SYMENGINE_PY_ADD_PATH_TO_SEARCH_DIRS" env variable if built from source
  on Windows.
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