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Oct 18, 2011, 11:01:54 AM10/18/11
I'm trying to write a program (QT/QML) to read the PDB. PDB struct is easy to find. But structs used by Bible+ is not documented (I've found a forum post that an user writing a reader for PocketPC)

I found the great page made by Yohanes (, that describes the structs. But I've found a problem in WordList, reading my PDB. And this PDB works with  SymbianBible). 

Using a HexEditor, I've started to decode the PDB to find the pointers to "PDB Records".At Record 1, the Word Index starts (describe in your page). 27 entries.

But I've found:

WL = Word Length
TW = Total Words (in HEX)

01 - 2D (45)
02 - D7 (215)
03 - 029E (670)
04 - 0634 (1588)
05 - 0CEC (3308)
06 - 0FFF
06 - 00E1
How many words with 6 chars do we have? 0x0FFF + 0x00E1? Looking at hexeditor, theres aprox 0x0B2B (2859) words with 6 chars. Until WL=5, the TW is correct.

How to decode that?


Yohanes Nugroho

Oct 18, 2011, 9:48:01 PM10/18/11

I can't remember the detail about the PDB format and currently I don't
have time to check on the details, but I have source code in Java
which should be easier to understand and port

The source is for blackberry, but the reader works in desktop (run for testing).

Or you can just use my c++ version, but this is mostly unreadable,
because when I ported the code from Palm I didn't understand the file

Clone the repository here:

then go to the readertest directory, and type make (you don't need
symbian environment setup for the readertest), it uses POSIX calls and
runs in Linux (and it should run in Mac or Cygwin).


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