[JOB] Python engineer for Silicon Valley startup based in Brisbane

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Mar 17, 2017, 10:58:52 PM3/17/17
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* A description of the job

At Console Connect, my team, the Service Layer team is responsible for automation (using Python) of our layer 2 and 3 network device infrastructure; simply: we write code to automate configuration changes on switches and routers!

Application: https://boards.greenhouse.io/console/jobs/598231?gh_src=hes7u81

* A description of the company. "Blind" postings aren't appreciated, though we accept that its necessary sometimes.

About Console


Console Inc. was founded to change the way enterprises connect to their customers, vendors and partners. Console is an enterprise software and interconnection platform which enables both network-to-network and enterprise-to-enterprise collaboration globally.

Console introduces the new concept of Interconnection 2.0… a fully-automated enterprise software and interconnection platform that enables companies to bypass the public Internet and directly connect business networks to each other with a click of a button. With over 170 Console nodes (points of presence) across the globe, the Console platform provides enterprises with secure, simple and direct access to a global ecosystem of cloud infrastructure providers, SaaS providers and partners, including Amazon, Microsoft, Google, LinkedIn, Box, Zendesk and many others.

The company has already successfully raised at series A and series B, and is potentially looking to raise series C investment during 2017.  We are expecting massive growth during the course of this year!

* The job location

Brisbane.  NOTE: the company itself is based in Silicon Valley, San Fransisco.  Only the engineering team is based in Brisbane.

* Is remote working acceptable, or is it on-site?

On-site.  If you feel that you are a very strong fit for the role, but cannot do on-site then we can discuss it, but the preference of the management team is to have an on-site engineering team.

* How much it pays

Negotiable, depending on experience.  While our preference is for an experienced, senior developer, if you are at an intermediate level but you feel you are an excellent fit for the role, please consider applying anyway. We are always on the lookout for talented engineers.

* The level of the job

Our preference is for an experienced person who can "hit the ground running", but if you consider yourself at an intermediate level, please apply anyway, especially if you have solid production experience with writing and supporting software at scale.

* The length and type of the contract.


Application: https://boards.greenhouse.io/console/jobs/598231?gh_src=hes7u81

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