MotoROS from Indigo to kinetic SDA10F Dual-arm robot

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Carol Martinez

Feb 22, 2018, 1:29:32 PM2/22/18
to swri-ros-pkg-dev

We had our robot configured and working with Motoman drivers in Indigo.

We decided to change to kinetic, and we are now unable to communicate with the robot. We installed the .dat, .JBI, and .out files that were in the repo. However, after restarting the controller, error 8000 appeared and all the jobs in the pendant disappeared, and there is no communication with the controller (outputs do not set on).

Any advice?



G.A. vd. Hoorn - 3ME

Feb 23, 2018, 4:41:21 AM2/23/18
First: if you restore the controller from a CMOS / full backup, do
things start working again?

Second: can you provide a little more detail? What version of system
software are you running? And which specific version of MotoROS did you
install (commit hash or version nrs)?

Third: please post the full error message of the 'error 8000'.

Fourth: I've never heard "all jobs [..] disappeared" reported with any
MotoROS version (as there is no interaction with the controller
filesystem afaik), but perhaps Ted has an idea here.


Feb 23, 2018, 8:27:31 AM2/23/18
to swri-ros-pkg-dev
Technically, the MotoROS driver is independent from the ROS version Indigo, Kinetic...
So if everything was working, you don't necessarily need to update it.
But there have been improvement to the MotoROS driver, so getting the latest version is not a bad idea. 

The error 8000 is probably the alarm 8000,"Could not save PARAMETERS file" generated by the MotoROS application.
We recently added some code for the MotoROS application to check parameters and modify parameters required parameters to operate ROS.
This feature is not available for all controller versions.  I'm also wondering if you got the correct version of the MotoROS for your controller model.
Which controller (DX100, DX200 or FS100) are you using? and is the software version (SYSTEM INFO --> VERSION)?

Another possibility is that your controller was accidentally reinitialized or part of it was.

If you have a CMOS bin backup, I would start by reloading that.


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