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Jul 25, 2008, 10:59:14 AM7/25/08
to Swordtag
When discussing which type of pipe to use, it says "so use this
instead to save on weight" a few times. It's rather ambiguous which
one is being advocated. Can someone clarify this?


Aug 5, 2008, 12:41:10 PM8/5/08
to Swordtag
"The ¾ inch CPVC has the same bending characteristics as ½ inch PVC
(so use this instead to save on weight)."

My apologies, this seems to have been written more like a legal
document than a guide =P

Anyway, what i am referring to is to use the 3/4 inch CPVC to save on
weight if the design calls for lightweight construction.

Choosing the right material, especially the diameter of the PVC, has
been the most common mistake and challenge for new weapon makers. Too
large/heavy of PVC means a lot of weight, which means more insulation
to pad from that weight so it does not hurt. But too often it means
that the slender weapon design envisioned by the weapon maker gets
lost in layers of protective insulation, and so sometimes that is
skimped on resulting in bruising blows to their opponents.

Conversely, too slender/lightweight PVC ends up wobbling and whipping
about when swung - which can hurt/sting and annoy opponents to no end.

Unfortunately, there is a learning curve for weapon making. It takes a
few mistakes to learn the finer points, and sometimes those mistakes
end up hurting someone. Experienced weapon makers i have noticed will
develop a feel for the inherit characteristics of the materials and
'know' what will work and what will have problems. When pushing the
weapon design process into new territory (outside the weapon designs
in this section), please put it though a rigorous testing process to
locate any problems before they could potentially hurt someone else.


Aug 17, 2009, 10:13:36 PM8/17/09
to Swordtag
hey, what's that cream coloured pipe foam? it looks thicker. i havn't
seen it at the hardware store, so i'm wondering


Apr 4, 2010, 2:40:09 AM4/4/10
to Swordtag
Thatos, sorry I didn't notice your post sooner. The cream colored foam
is 1/2 inch thick pipe insulation instead of the usual 3/8 inch thick
we use. I typically see it for sale at Menards in Hudson.
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