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Zach Butler

Jul 23, 2010, 3:14:05 PM7/23/10
to Swordtag
When you are creating these swords, do you test the balance at all? If
so, how?


Aug 1, 2010, 10:35:55 AM8/1/10
to Swordtag
Yes and no. If you've built swords for a while you just kind of get an
idea of what goes well where. It all comes in due time. When I was
first starting up though I always tried to make the balance even where
the blade meets the hilt, so I always checked the balance throughout
the build process in hopes that I kept it balanced. If it was too top
heavy, consider what you are using for a counter weight and work with
it. It's all a working process and comes with experience. I can't
really explain it any more than that but maybe Hookswords or Rix could
give you a better explanation.

Like personally I prefer bottom heavy to extreme bottom heavy. That
way the blade just rests in your palm and it's usually just a flick of
the wrist to get it moving. In my build style I use nuts, bolts, and
washers on the bottom to make it that way. It all matters upon your
preference of the weapon for balance. I've noticed that Rix and
Hookswords use a little more top heavy weapons respectfully so if
that's what you would like then message them.


Aug 6, 2010, 10:57:20 PM8/6/10
to Swordtag
Most of my weapons balance somewhere on the blade, usually about a
handwidth in front of the hilt. This does two things. 1- i do not have
the extra weight in the handle - extra weight = slower swing & slower
recovery after a swing. 2 - the weight of the weapon is centered on
the blade, so when it goes to block, the weight of the opposing weapon
meets close to or on my weapons center of gravity - which is on the

However, if the center of balance of the weapon is on the hilt or even
in your hand, it will have very fast turning and pivoting
characteristics (twisting the hand at the wrist). And when blocking
another weapon, the extra weight can absorb the blow of the opponents
weapon easier (and require less effort to block).

Of the two it depends on your fighting style and personal preference.
Personally i would use the weighted/balanced weapon in a defensive
style of play - either as a rapier in a block/counter-striker role or
as a heavy broadsword with a shield in a block/attack kind of style.

The unweighted weapon I would use in an attack role - when I expect to
strike first and need speed and flexibility of attack angles, and need
to recover quickly to parry a counter attack or attacks from multiple

Most two handed weapons are already fairly heavy, and balancing them
will only cause them to impact people harder on large-arc swings,
requiring you to swing it slower to avoid causing injury. However, if
properly used by pivoting the hands close to the body for more precise
movements, the two handed sword weighted so the balance is on the hilt
can work very well in combat, literally bouncing smaller weapons off
of it with nearly 0 effort put into blocking.
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