Prof. Willy Zwaenepoel 講演『Software for Fast Storage Hardware』

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Kazuyuki Shudo

Nov 28, 2022, 2:22:41 AM11/28/22
SWoPP ML の皆様、首藤です。

Willy Zwaenepoel 氏(シドニー大 工学部長)の御講演を、
分散共有メモリ TreadMarks や Nutanix 社をご存知の方は多いと思います。

タイトル:『Software for Fast Storage Hardware』
話者:Prof. Willy Zwaenepoel, Dean of Engineering, University of Sydney
場所:オンライン(Zoom)、および、京都大学 学術情報メディアセンター南館 202号室
日時:2022年 11月 30日(水) 13:15 ~ 14:15

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Storage technologies have entered the market with performance vastly
superior to conventional storage devices. This technology shift
requires a complete rethinking of the software storage stack.

In this talk I will give two examples of our work with Optane-based
solid-state (block) devices that illustrate the need for and the
benefit of a wholesale redesign.

First, I will describe the KVell key-value (KV) store. The key
observation underlying KVell is that conventional KV software on fast
devices is bottlenecked by the CPU rather than by the device. KVell
therefore focuses on minimizing CPU intervention.

Second, I will describe the KVell+ OLTP/OLAP system built on top of
KVell. The key underlying observation here is that these storage
devices have become so fast that the conventional implementation of
snapshot isolation – maintaining multiple versions – leads to
intolerable space amplification. Kvell+ therefore processes versions
as they are created.

This talk describes joint work with Oana Balmau (McGill University),
Karan Gupta (Nutanix) and Baptiste Lepers (University of Neuchatel).

Willy Zwaenepoel received his BS from Ghent University in 1979, and
his MS and PhD from Stanford University, in 1980 and 1984,
respectively. He is currently dean of engineering at the University of
Sydney. Previously, he has been on the faculty at Rice University and
head of the school of computer and communication sciences at EPFL. He
has been involved with a number of startups including Nutanix
(Nasdaq:NTNX). He was elected IEEE Fellow in 1998, ACM Fellow in 2000
and ATSE Fellow in 2020. He received a number of awards for his
teaching and research, including the IEEE Kanai Award, the Eurosys
Lifetime Achievement Award, and the IEEE Outstanding Technical
Achievement in Distributed Processing Award. His main interests are in
operating systems and distributed systems.

首藤 一幸
京都大学 学術情報メディアセンター
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