Against the Odds, Army Meets Recruiting Goals

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May 1, 2007, 11:51:29 AM5/1/07
to Swivel Data,
i was listening to nerdradio this morning and heard a story about how
the pentagon has been meeting its recruiting goals lately (http://, four years
into iraq.

the assertion made by the guy being interviewed was that the military
has lowered its recruitment goals to something it can meet. while
it's been meeting these lower personnel goals, the quality of recruit
is way down allegedly. there are more recruits with criminal
backgrounds, a higher mean age, lower education level, stuff like
that. all this, while continuing to issue benefit and compensation

i looked around for data for 20m or so and didn't find much. i found
a GAO report that gave trends over time on relative scales, but i want
absolute numbers. i think this data must be hidden away somewhere on
the GAO website or the pentagon website, but those two animals are
intractable. (or, i just don't understand how to use them.)

anyone want to help me find this data??? i'd like to be able to use
the data to assess, in real numbers, the health of america's military.

Huned Botee

May 9, 2007, 8:34:28 PM5/9/07
to Swivel Data,
daaayamn.  i wrote this nine days ago.  how'd it come through just now?
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