Newbie questions-- updating node config via Switchboard

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May 18, 2010, 4:27:20 PM5/18/10
to switchboard

I just got into Switchboard today. I'm running OpenFire 3.6.4 on
Ubuntu 10.04.

Three questions..
(1) From the examples, I got the impression that "subscribe" should
create a node if it doesn't exist. However, it seems I need to call
"create" explicitly. Is this true??

switchboard pubsub --server amie-ubuntu --node "/amie/a" subscribe
=> Switchboard started.
Server error: item-not-found:
Shutdown initiated.

switchboard pubsub --server amie-ubuntu --node "/amie/a" create
=> Switchboard started.
Node '/amie/a' was created.
Shutdown initiated.

(2) How do I update config data on a node, namely access model? It
defaults to "presence" and I'd like to try other access types.

(3) How do I create a presence subscription? Because a node defaults
to "presence" access type, I couldn't subscribe to a node created by a
different user. I added the person to my roster (via "switchboard
roster add"), but I'm still not able to subscribe to the node (returns

Thanks in advance!

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Seth Fitzsimmons

May 19, 2010, 10:10:38 PM5/19/10
Hi Amie.

These are all questions that are more specific to OpenFire than Switchboard.  Most servers expose settings like these using one of the XEPs (can't remember which).  Switchboard supports reading (may support writing, but I've not actually tried), so you may be able to use it to adjust the settings w/o having to touch the OpenFire config directly, but the behavior that you're seeing is unrelated to Switchboard; it just does what it's told.

Sorry for not being more helpful here.  I've never worked with OpenFire, so I can't be much help there either.

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