Pack Ann: pub_graph 1.0 (was pubmed)

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Sep 23, 2018, 10:47:19 AM9/23/18
to SWI-Prolog

pack(pub_graph) is now available on the server.
It is the evolution of pack(pubmed).

The new pack:

   1. supports the API in addition to NCBI's pubmed.
      Semantic Scholar includes publications both in medicine and computer science.

   2. does no longer depend on the curl executable, instead it uses SWI's http_open/3.
       Thus, t should now be more OS tolerant.

   3. has updated documentation.

   4. is now on github.

From very limited research, it seems Semantic Scholar is better at finding cited_by and
cites relationships but is more limited on the info it provides for each paper
(ie volume/issue and pages). Semantic Scholar has no search facility as far as I can see.

The pack allows:
    (a) searching on conjunctions and disjunctions, (pubmed only)
    (b) fetching details of a number of paper (identified as a list of ids),
    (c) fetching the ids of publications citing a paper,
    (d) fetching the ids of publications a paper references, and
    (e) simple reporting of fetched information


pack(pubmed) will no longer be maintained and in a few months it
will be removed from the pack server.

Nicos Angelopoulos
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