Can I re-define the forward slash inside a module??

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Pasi Xyy

Mar 11, 2018, 1:23:41 PM3/11/18
to SWI-Prolog
Hello Forum!

Can I re-define a forward slash for some internal use in the module, so that the operator-/ unaffected elsewhere? Possibly no I can't, so I wrote some code without redefinition.

The default is op(400,yfx,/) and I was hoping to redefine it to op(400,xfy,/). Also I tried op(400,xfy, somemodule:(/)) but that didn't work neither.

I tried just about anything. Also when I tried redefining the `/' in  (local) pengines and Prolog engines, the redefinition is not kept just locally, it seems to be always global??? 


Jan Wielemaker

Mar 11, 2018, 1:33:29 PM3/11/18
to Pasi Xyy, SWI-Prolog
Operators are local to the a module. So, yes you can redefine them.
I'd be very careful as it is easy to mess things up, but it works
as advertised. Only `I tried everything' doesn't help us much to know
what you tried. Send concrete source code we can load and run.

Cheers --- Jan
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