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John McCulloch

Jan 24, 2019, 8:34:53 AM1/24/19
to SWI-Prolog
I'm having a hard time seeing the difference between loading a file as simple argument to the swipl command or using -s.  I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 and swipl 18.1.0. 

The docs have this as a startup command. 

swipl [option ...] prolog-file ... [[--] arg ...]

If I have a -s option and a "prolog-file" does that mean both will be loaded?  Which will be loaded first?  Are the two interchangeable?


Alan Baljeu

Feb 1, 2019, 3:39:12 PM2/1/19
to John McCulloch, SWI-Prolog
No, I'm not seeing a difference either.  Using "swipl -s" simply starts swipl, compiles the file, and gives you a command prompt to start writing queries.  Skipping -s does the same.

It doesn't seem 'script file' is really defined anywhere, so I'm not clear what the intention is with this.

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