In Search of INFOCM Items - New Zork Times #1 to #4 + Mailing Envelopes

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Robert Pitt

Aug 24, 2020, 4:01:08 PM8/24/20

Hi All,


I was pleased recently to see the group was still active and all of the messages with what everyone has been up to. Well, not the stories about damaged items, but was happy everyone was still around.


I’m a collector mainly of INFOCOM and have lurked the group without much comment for many years. I’m looking for a few items for my collection and thought I’d reach out to see if anyone has extras or could point me in a good direction:


·         1982 The New Zork Times, first issue (no volume number)

-Issue #1

-Announces Deadline, support for Atari, NEC, IBM, PDP-11, CP/M. InvisiClues for Zork I


·         1982 The New Zork Times, Vol. II No. 1 – Fall

-Issue #2

-Announces Zork III, Starcross, support for the NEC APC


·         1983 The New Zork Times, Vol. III No. 1 – Spring

-Issue #3

-Announces Suspended, support for Commodore 64. Pre-announcing Witness


·         1983 The New Zork Times, Vol. II No. Infinity - Summer

-Issue #4

-Final ZUG issue -- ZUG shuts down. Announcing Witness, support for TI Professional. InvisiClues for Deadline


·         1983 The New Zork Times, Vol. II No. Infinity - Bonus Material

-Issue #4 Bonus Material

-Not from the issue. Scans of items mentioned in the final ZUG issue, including Zork II poster, Zork I & II maps, ZUG buttons


·         Most any of the New Zork Times / Status Line mailing envelopes


Any help in tracking these down is appreciated.




Aug 24, 2020, 4:31:38 PM8/24/20
Will make a mental note. While I don’t know of any copies (that anyone would part with) I’ll keep an eye out just the same. I would probably just grab first and ask questions later because stuff like this is always in demand.

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