Google Bard talks about MacOS Sonoma

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Robert Brown (RLBrown)

Sep 28, 2023, 1:51:20 AM9/28/23
Hello SVMUG members,

I enabled Google Bard access in my Google Workspace. I asked it about MacOS Sonoma. Here is the response. (Notice how it provides a reference for verification.)

The most discussed features of macOS Sonoma are:
• Interactive desktop widgets: Widgets are no longer confined to the Today Center in macOS Sonoma. They can now be added directly to the desktop and are interactive, just like widgets on iPhone. This allows users to check off Reminders, control smart home products, and interact with third-party apps from their Mac's desktop without the need to open up the full app. Widgets also blend in to the background when not in use, and through Continuity, there's also an option to see and use your iPhone widgets on your desktop without having to install the corresponding Mac app.
• Video conferencing improvements: macOS Sonoma includes a new Presenter Overlay feature that lets users share their screen in FaceTime or third-party video apps like Zoom without blocking their face. The feature basically shows users over their background, so they can present and remain on-screen. There are also new 3D reactions that pop up with hand gestures during FaceTime calls and calls in apps like Zoom.
• Safari profiles and web apps: Safari profiles allow users to create separate browsing profiles for work, school, personal use, or any other purpose. Each profile has its own set of bookmarks, history, and cookies, so users can keep their different online activities separate. Web apps are websites that have been optimized for offline use and can be launched from the Dock or Spotlight.
• Game Mode: Game Mode is a new feature in macOS Sonoma that boosts gaming performance by allocating more resources to the game and reducing background activity. Game Mode can be enabled in the System Preferences app.
• Other features: macOS Sonoma also includes a number of other new features and improvements, such as:
• One-time verification code AutoFill from Mail helps users quickly sign into sites in Safari, without leaving the browser.
• New keyboard and mouse features, such as the ability to create custom keyboard shortcuts and to use a mouse to control multiple MacBooks.
• New UI changes, such as a redesigned Control Center and a new menu bar design.
• The ability to add web apps to the Dock.
These are just some of the most discussed features of macOS Sonoma. For a more complete list of new features and improvements, please visit the Apple website.

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