My hundreds of voice memos do not show up on my iMac 2021 M1; what does show up only goes back to 2020

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Ginny Marley

Aug 22, 2023, 9:04:06 AM8/22/23
How can I find my volce memos from prior to 2020?  All I can see on my M1 Mac are memos going back to 2020.  I've been creating voice memos for 15 years and I want to have acess to all of them. 

I'm thinking I have two choices - get help finding them on my Time Capsule which I'm using only as a router now or
plug in my 2012 Mac and see all of them there.  Once I get to them onto a hard drive.

I was told by Apple Support that if I want to see them on my 2012 Mac I need to turn off the wifi off immediately after it boots up, or that computer will automatically sync to the cloud...? ....and they would be changed, deleted?  didn't ask him that.

Thank you for helping me with this big problem!


Bev Angros

Aug 25, 2023, 9:44:13 PM8/25/23
Hi Ginny,

You got me curious because I have voice memos from 2011 to present on my phone so I checked to see if they were on my computer which uses the same Apple ID (important). They weren't! You didn't say which MacOS you are running, but I am running MacOS 13.5 Ventura on my M2 MBP. 

The directions in this link didn't work until I opened the Voice Memo App on my computer, then it downloaded all of them and they work! They are stored in the Voice Memo App and in your User Library. 

Let us know if you find all of them.

Bev Angros
SVMUG & Virtual Harbor

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Aug 25, 2023, 10:37:20 PM8/25/23
Ginny and Bev, note that if you backup your iOS device with iMazing for macOS, Apple Voice Menu’s are backed up.   So, they probably could be restored from there.


Len Walther

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