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Mahshid Agir

May 20, 2015, 11:42:22 PM5/20/15
to firoozeh abasian, S Ghotbi,,,,,
Dear All
I spoke with Morteza and encouraged him to come forward. He said he'll think about it and let us know. So far no response. After talking with Bahram, I think we should focus on younger generation and possibly with more energy and new ideas. We also need to activate our Facebook and use Social Media.
I agree with Firoozeh about getting together on Thursday May 29with all nominees present.
Regarding the election date, there is no rush so we can decide after the gathering.

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Hello all,
I agree that having an elected board is more acceptable than just announcing the 5 candidates.
I suggest we try our last chance to invite more people to come forward and nominate themselves.
I like the idea of getting together next week, our usual end of the month gathering at Sorento and invite people to come for dinner or drink, meet the 5 candidates and possibly consider to nominate..
Hopefully, by end of the night we can recruit 2 or more candidates.
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Wednesday, 20 May 2015, 06:39PM -04:00 from "'S Ghotbi' via Toronto Board" <>:
Dear Bahram,
Thanks for your efforts so far and for your informative message.
I believe an elected board is much more stable. So I suggest we go for your option 1 and try to secure any last chance and then go for option 2 as plan B. Do you also want to post the announcement on SUTA's FB and LinkedIn?
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>At 21 May 2015 4:59:02 am, Bahram Zahir<''> wrote:

>Dear friends,
>we now have 5
candidates, enough to establish a new board, but not enough to run an election.
>We can do several things now, and I can think of the following:
>1) extend the nomination period, till we get 7 or more candidates;
>2) announce that we have 5 candidates and just accept these names as our new Board;
>3) announce a date - maybe next Thursday May 28, as a gathering date, where more candidates would also be accepted and an election would take place in person (and maybe also followed by online vote or proxy vote for the absents);
>No matter which option above is chosen we can do the fallowing as well:
>a) allow the new board to fill its vacant seats in the future, from the candidates they may find later (assuming the new Board is constituted by less than what is allowed in the Bylaws).
>b) opt for a smaller
>I like to know your opinions ASAP.
>Best regards
>2015-05-15 15:40 GMT-04:00 Bahram Zahir  < > :
>>Good news: Dr. Boghaee also accepted to run in this election; I just talked to him on the phone.
>>So now, we have 5 candidates:
>>*  Ms. Firoozeh Abassian
>>*  Ms. Mahshid
>>*  Mr. Shahab Bacahry
>>*  Dr. Davar Boghaee
>>*  Mr. Mahboob Bolandi
>>Best regards
>>PS: first time I see in a "random" set of 5 people's names, all the five have their last names starting with A or B!
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>>Best regards

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