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Anders Abrahamsson []

Apr 10, 2006, 10:07:33 AM4/10/06
to Sustainopreneurship Group
Don the Idea Guy wrote in


"Great concept Anders. I voted for ENERGY. It's always been my belief
that the exchange of ideas is an exchange of energy -- sharing ideas
with one another recharges our internal innovation energy reserves.
Your vision for Sustainopreneurship sounds like one great big 'battery
of brilliance!' I look forward to learning more about the project."

Anders Abrahamsson []

Apr 10, 2006, 10:14:46 AM4/10/06
to Sustainopreneurship Group
Thank you, Don,

That is coming from the right guy, Don Snyder - who made innovation and
creativity his lifeblood in his day-job :). And also branded himself
all the way - that way. Applying creativity to solve the world's "best"
problems - yes BEST - and find solutions to these problems, I guess
would be a good use of that Brain Energy. And fuel it with maybe Solar
Power if you happen to sit with your laptop on top of Kilimanjaro or in
a village outside New Delhi.

Best problems? Well, the best problems to solve are those who at the
moment creates biggest sufferings and greatet disempowerment among
people. And finding solutions to those, making businesses of the
solutions and innovations, what else could that be than a good business
turned to GREAT?


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