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Anders Abrahamsson []

Mar 27, 2006, 3:59:37 AM3/27/06
to Sustainopreneurship Group
Comment from:

Name: Michael Pokocky

"Further to all the correspondence you an I have exchanged and looking
into the work that you are doing I can say without a doubt that your
project will "endure" readers and attract "attention."

Furthermore, I believe in what you're doing beyond the scope of
critical analysis; I tend to look at the "emotional" impact on society
of projects such as this and your project captures the true "spirit" of
what everyone in the world knows but finds it difficult to articulate.

I commend you on your work and value your "integrity" and your
"passion;" without this solid belief in what you are doing any project
is doomed. The Emotional, Intellectual and Physical Exertion of such a
far reaching vision demands nothing but excellence; a quote: "Demand
excellence and you'll get very good; demand very good and your project
will do poorly."

You my friend demand excellence from yourself; that much is clear to
me. Therefore your project will turn out very good.

michael "

Anders Abrahamsson []

Mar 27, 2006, 4:09:24 AM3/27/06
to Sustainopreneurship Group
Dear Michael;

"everyone in the world knows but finds it difficult to articulate" -
this line is carrying so much power.

I quote another Michael, namely Mr. Cretu of "Enigma";

"There's no teacher
Who can teach anything new
He can just help us to remember
The things we always knew"

From: "Odyssey of the Mind", ENIGMA 3, album named "Le Roi Est Mort,
Vive Le Roi (The King is Dead, Long Live the King!)"


Thank you for your support. And you are so right. I demand nothing of
others I don't demand from myself. Excellence in your efforts too, I
see coming!

And what is Excellence*Excellence*Excellence Ad Infinitum with 6 point
5 billion excellence demanding human spirits of flesh and blood? A
world in peace and mutual respect. A world re:loved.

I will contribute actively in I will begin with a
research article, when up :).


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