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Anders Abrahamsson []

Apr 3, 2006, 7:56:53 AM4/3/06
to Sustainopreneurship Group
Comment from Rosalind Cannell from

"I chose the eBook on Energy as my first choice because I believe
sustainable distributed energy will enable the emergence of peer to
peer organisations which will ultimately unleash the power of a deep
support economy.

I like the definition of peer to peer from Michel Bauwen, for me it
beautifully encapsulates the charactersitics of 21st century

'Briefly put, peer to peer is a form of human network-based
organization, more precisely a distributed network, which rests upon
the free participation of equipotent partners, engaged in the
production of common resources, without recourse to monetary
compensation as key motivating factor, and not organized according to
hierarchical methods of command and control.'

I recommend this site for further information

I wish every success Anders in delivering the message of sustainability

Anders Abrahamsson []

Apr 3, 2006, 8:02:38 AM4/3/06
to Sustainopreneurship Group
Thank you, Ros.

With this, you are now in the loop to get the first eBook free as well
:). I think you are right on spot that sustainable distributed energy
is a strong enabler for the "rest". With the peer2peer (a concept I
love as well :) - I am equally convinced we can make what I choose to
call "multi-local" and "inter-local" activities to occur, as a strong
enabler for sustainopreneurship as such, and an environment for this to
occur. And with energy+ICT, that is all too powerful as combination to
even grasp.

Thanks for the link, Ros! And thanks for the success wishes. Mutual
with your endevours of the "new organizational thinking and acting" so
needed for the 21st century.

Apr 5, 2006, 8:40:35 AM4/5/06
to Sustainopreneurship Group
Thank you for the invite to this group. I think you've hit upon a good
idea for 'qualifying' interest in sustainopreneurship by inviting
'active' participants to this group. I look forward to taking part in
future conversations....hopefully we can identify the synergies between
NOBO and Sustainopreneurship.

Anders Abrahamsson []

Apr 7, 2006, 7:24:38 AM4/7/06
to Sustainopreneurship Group
Dear Ros,

You are welcome. You really hit to the core of the idea, to actually
have some mechanisms to see who are there to actively contribute to the
development of the ideas in theory and practice.

I see some obvious synergies and cross-pollinating/cross-energizing
links in between NOBO and Sustainopreneurship, but I let you take the
ball and I actively encourage you to shortly introduce this audience of
the NOBO concept in your own words (with appropriate links) since you
and Anne-Marie McEwan were the one's starting the NOBO movement :).

Deliver some pointers for this audience, and then I can contribute with
my thoughts about "New Order for Business Organization" and its
linkages to "entrepreneurship and innovation for sustainability", i. e.

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