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Anders Abrahamsson []

Jun 16, 2006, 11:44:37 AM6/16/06
to Sustainopreneurship Group
Hi, my friends!

I would just like to notify that I made a simple way to trace you all
on this core list who commented on my blog poll with valuable
contributions, alternatively showed interest in this, one of my many
"inner circles" showing great interest in the general agenda for my
work of sustainopreneurship.

It uses, a lovely application to exactly see where we are!
For those of you who signed up, add yourself. For those of you who
havent, sign up and add yourself, I would very much appreciate it.

I will post it elsewhere to all my closest connections in this work to
frame a new framework on how to turn business activity to be a part of
the problem, to be a part of the solution!

Our friend in Nigeria on this group already did, hope to see you there

It is entitled SENSA Informal Network, and includes no cost, no
obligations, just a confirmation of the same interest that made you end
up here in this group, and to see where we are!

I wish you all a lovely weekend. It is very sunny here in Vaxjo,

Where is Vaxjo, you might wonder?

Well, check my pin at the frappr map...

I also welcome you to be a part of my friends network, of course! Go to
my frappr profile and add yourself :).



PS. And while you're at it, and if you care to make poverty history in
Africa, add yourself to Chris Macrae map setup just added as well - DS.

Anders Abrahamsson

Jun 16, 2006, 12:02:19 PM6/16/06
to Anders Abrahamsson [], Sustainopreneurship Group
Hi, again, a little follow up!

In case you did not read it in my blog (add RSS and use for your feed aggregation and collection, works great!), I have submitted a paper/article that will work as a chapter in the book "Science for Sustainable Development" released this fall by the research association with the same name in Sweden.

It defines in a scholarly way, according to the academic rules of the game, the concept of "sustainopreneurship".

Abstract is here! Enjoy :) - an exclusive pre-release.

Peace, Anders
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