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Anders Abrahamsson []

Apr 24, 2006, 2:02:40 PM4/24/06
to Sustainopreneurship Group
Igor Gazdik wrote at;

"Sustainopreneurship itself is an innovative approach: whatever new we
do we need a name for it. Without relevant generic terms you can hardly
do any creative work. Sustainopreneurship, however, is a difficult
word. It is essential that it not only be defined, but also explained
thoroughly enough so as to rub in.
Why I think the book should deal with networking (i.e. the networking
aspect of sustainopreneurship) is because a network of like-minded
enthousiasts effortlessly creates the "critical mass" necessary for the
survival of that concept... Let us hope that the network will then
accomplish more than just safeguard the survival of the concept in
point. ,,,igor,,,"

Anders Abrahamsson []

Apr 24, 2006, 2:06:34 PM4/24/06
to Sustainopreneurship Group
You got it really nailed, Igor. And here is the deal:

The research paper I was referring to (pending) in the blog poll
actually tries to work out a definition of the concept. But also tries
to describe it and contextualize it to related concepts and their
meanings. And in fact, this flow of blog poll and creating this Google
Group is referring to the second part of your comment. In different
platforms and contexts I actually see how this "critical mass" now is
expanding, and it is up to us in forums like this to actually expand
this necessary critical mass. So - welcome to this Group!

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