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Corvallis Sustainability Coalition is a network of organizations and individuals working together to create a sustainable community.

Ask questions, share ideas & announce events related to sustainability in Corvallis.
Please observe the following guidelines for posting: 
  • Activities, events, and community resources must be posted by Coalition Partners and must directly relate to sustainability in Corvallis and Benton County.
  • Advocacy for proposed legislation or candidates for office is not permitted.
  • Sustainability-related job announcements are allowed for the Corvallis and Benton County area only. 
  • Do not post items for rent or sale.
  • Fundraising activities and fundraising events may be posted if they are sponsored by the Steering Committee, one of our partners or Action Teams and clearly related to sustainability in Corvallis and Benton County. 
  • Replies, questions or comments regarding a posted message should be directed to the message sender only and not the entire group.
Please direct questions or concerns to