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Jul 5, 2013, 8:13:47 AM7/5/13
Q: On Windows I've installed a Nokia/OtherProducer's software, now when I click on the SuperbCalc icon the other software starts instead of SuperbCalc.
A: The other software has changed the default Java settings, if you know how to do you can revert them back. Otherwise download this tiny executable, and save it alongside with superbcalc.jar and use it to start it. Note that this executable is not a new version of SuperbCalc, it's only an utility to launch Java with the correct options.
Q: I have Linux, when I double-click the SuperbCalc icon nothing happens. How can I start it?
A: On various distributions of Linux you don't have the default association of the  JAR extension with the Java runtime in you desktop environment. Often right-clicking on the file and choosing "Open with java", or "Open with..." and choosing the Java executable works. Otherwise you can create a new icon on your desktop specifying the right command line: java -jar superbcalc.jar 
Q: How can I insert text other than numbers in the paper?
A: To insert a comment in the tape, simply click on the little white area on the left of a number, an editable box should appear, that will allow you to insert a comment. A comment can be inserted also on a blank line, in the same way.
Q: Why every time I run SuperbCalc I have to agree to the license conditions?
A: I'm sorry that SuperbCalc has this problem on your setup. The fact is that it tries to write a file in your user home directory in which it can save all of your settings. If someway it can't save this file, then you get this behavior. Send me an e-mail with more information on your operating system to get further instructions.
Q: I've changed the font size in the options dialog and now the paper doesn't resize correctly.
A: There is a known bug with SuperbCalc: when you change the size of the calculator in the options dialog of SuperbCalc, sometimes the tape gets the wrong size or it won't correctly adapt its size to the numbers in it. To overcome this problem you need to restart SuperbCalc (the options are maintained across sessions so you won't need to change them again).
Q: On my Mac/PC/laptop the calculator size is too big/little.
A: In the options dialog try to change the "Look and Feel" (the "Cross platform" look and feel should work well in any setup). If this still doesn't work, you can fine tune the whole calculator by changing the font size of the keyboard, display and paper separately.
Q: I notice that when you add numbers like 6+6+6 if you click on = you get the answer 12 but if you click on + then you get 18. Is there a reason for this or is it a bug?
A: This is the way SuperbCalc works, you always have to press + at the end of the number to add it (or - to subtract it). This is the way an adding machine works, and accounting people want to work this way. SuperbCalc was made for them, so it works that way.
Q: Why 100 x -10% = -10000?
A: With SuperbCalc to change the sign of a number you must press the [-+] button (the one with a minus and a plus sign inside) that should correspond to the "arrow down" key on the keyboard. Pressing the minus sign means "subtraction" and that's what SuperbCalc does when  you type 100 x -, that means: take 100, multiply it by itself, then subtract the result from the current sum (that in your case is zero), so the result is -10000. Pressing the right button should get the right result.
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