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Aug 19, 2015, 4:48:18 PM8/19/15
to Super Mondays
Has Super Mondays completely stopped?

I thought it was me not checking for upcoming talks/events for a while. But looking at the website and this Google Group, there doesn't seem to have been anything happen. I understood getting fresh speakers/subjects can be difficult after a while, is that the reason? What about taking it out of Newcastle to include Durham/Gateshead/etc? Perhaps rotate around the cities. Is there anything else that could be done to help it?

There are lots of tech meetups in Newcastle, mainly language/platform specific. However I really liked Super Mondays for being well established and having some very diverse subjects and variance of expertise level.

Ross Cooney

Aug 20, 2015, 4:10:18 AM8/20/15
Hi Gregory,

When we set SuperMondays up in 2008 the usergroup scene in Newcastle was rather nonexistant. We wanted to change this by encouraging more groups so we designed the Supermondays format to encourage and promote other groups. The format thrived and helped to spawn a few more usergroups which went onto spawn even more. Seven years later the landscape is almost unrecognisable. There is a proliferation of groups, on various topics that meet regularly and attract excellent speakers. I dont think we can take all of the credit for the regions diverse usergroup scene, however I like to think that (with the help of Newcastle University and One North East) we made a difference.

So, is SuperMondays dead? not really, it’s just having a break.

So whats next for SuperMondays? I am not sure. I have personally been thinking of starting a opensource hardware project around solar energy and I might have a meeting with the SuperMondays Advisory board to see if that is a good home for the project. If so…watch this space ;)

Ross Cooney
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Paul Callaghan

Aug 20, 2015, 1:38:44 PM8/20/15

What Ross said - though also to add that Supermondays is whatever people want it to be, and if any of you have ideas or requests, please share! 

For myself, I'd like to see a few of the newer groups give general interest intros to their areas - it's a good way to get a taster of what's going on in an area and what's new/exciting, and also could help to grow the groups. (With my abysmal planning, I also find it easier to turn up to larger, regular events like SM than the smaller events.) 


Alistair MacDonald

Aug 21, 2015, 6:48:36 AM8/21/15

What Ross and Paul said.

The current hiatus is because everyone has been so busy. When I took a break at the start of the year no one else was able to fill in so we were unable to curate an event.

We have streamlined the way we organise events but finding speakers is the thing that is time consuming. If we had just 6 people who could take responsibility for finding speakers for one event a year then we would not have a problem, but that is a big ask.

As for the future we are still here on hiatus and realistically I don't think we will be back as we were. This is not a bad thing. I knew things would need to change last year. When we come back we will probably not be a monthly event, but we do intend to be back. In a worse case scenario we will have a victory tour of events and finish with an amazing party.


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