Lower division notable rikishi after 6 days

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Moti Dichne

Jul 9, 2021, 5:55:33 PMJul 9
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After Day 6 Nagoya 2021 :

Joukouryuu is 1-2 at Makushita 1E. 

Hokuseihou, Hakuhou's new giant recruit, is 3-0 at Makushita 2W, his highest career  rank. 

Chiyoootori is 2-1 at Makushita 7E.

Rouga the Russian is 2-1 at Makushita 10W. 

Shishi, Ukranian,  (Sergey Sokolovski) is 1-2 at Makushita 12W, highest career rank.

Hokutenkai, Mongolian, is 1-2 at Makushita 13W.

Shouhouryuu the bow twirler is 2-1 at Makushita 15E.

Itadaki, Canadian father, eleven years in sumo,  is 0-3 at Makushita 18W, his highest rank.

Amakaze, former Juryo stalwart with one basho in Makuuchi was injured in July 2018 and dropped all the way down to Jonidan 50,  is 2-1 at Makushita 19W.

Kitanowaka, young ex- high-school champion, is 3-0 at Makushita 21E.

Dewanoryuu the Mongolian is 2-1 at Makushita 21W, his highest career rank.

Mudouhou, Taihou's other grandson (youngest) is 1-2 at Makushita 29E.

Shinohara, is 3-0 at Makushita 38W.

Nihonyanagi is 1-2 at Makushita 40E.

Ooshoumi (former Oofukasawa), is 2-1 at Makushita 52E.

Nishikawa  is 1-2 at Makushita 52W, his highest career rank. Started off at Sandanme 100 tsukedashi (special rank for college achievers)

Shimoyama is 2-1 at Makushita 54W, his highest career rank.

Atamifuji is 3-0  at his highest career rank of Makushita 55W. 22-2 career.

Hagiwara, half Turkish, is 1-2  at Makushita 56E, his highest  career rank.

Ishizaki,  Sandanme 100 tsukedashi last basho, won the Sandanme yusho last basho and is 3-0 at Makushita 56W, obviously his highest career rank.

Yoshii, 17 year old ex-Junior high Yokozuna boy wonder, is 2-1 at Makushita 60W.

Kanno is 3-0 at Sandanme 9E,  his highest career rank. Started off at Sandanme 100 tsukedashi.

Houzan, Taihou's third grandson(second eldest) is 1-2 at Sandanme 40E.  There is another grandson, Yukio, but he's a pro-wrestler.

Murayama  is 1-2 at Sandanme 53E, his highest career rank.

Tomokaze, ex- Maegashira 3, back after a serious injury that sidelined him for 6 bashos, is 3-0 at Sandanme 55W.

Arauma,  Mongolian, is  2-1 at Sandanme 57W, his highest career rank. First ever foreigner at  Isenoumi beya.

Sagatsukasa, old timer ex-Makuuchi, is 3-0 at Sandanme 77E.

Furanshisu from the Philippines, is 0-2-1 at Sandanme  90W, kyujo.

Kairou - Mark Aaron Justin Toma- Brazilian-Filipino, is 1-2 at Jonidan 40E.

Hanakaze, the oldest guy in sumo, 51 years old, 35 years on the dohyo, is 2-1 at Jonidan 100E.

Kagamiou (yes, he's still active..) Mongolian ex-Maegashira with injuries, lost by fusenpai on day 2 and has been out more or less since day 5 of July 2020, kyujo at Jonokuchi 18E.

Shunrai, ex-Tokitsukaze's son number 2, is 3-0 at Jonokuchi 23W, his highest career rank..

Kiryuukou, ex-Tokitsukaze's son number 1, is 3-0 at Jonokuchi 24E, highest career rank..

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