Lower division celebs' results after day 8

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Moti Dichne

May 21, 2023, 1:04:14 PM5/21/23
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Remember this? Looking at the lower divisions to see who is the future and the whereabouts of some guys from the past..

Natsu 2023- Day 8:

Click for today's bouts' results!!

hoshi_shiro.gifKawazoe is 3-1 at Makushita 1W, his highest career rank. Joined ex-Hakuhou's heya in September 2022 at Makushita 15 tsukedashi.

hoshi_shiro.gifShishi, Ukrainian, is 4-0 and kachikoshi at Makushita 2W- highest career rank. Getting very close to Juryo.

hoshi_kuro.gifTerutsuyoshi, ex-Makuuchi stalwart and mighty thrower of the salt, is 1-3 at Makushita 5W. Makushita yusho in the past.

hoshi_shiro.gifMukainakano is 3-1 at Makushita 6E, his highest career rank. Another Hakuhou recruit. Sandanme yusho in the past.

hoshi_kuro.gifTokushouryuu is 2-2 at Makushita 6W. Makuuchi, Juryo, Sandanme and Jonokuchi yushos in the past.

 hoshi_kuro.gifDewanoryuu,  Mongolian, is 0-4 at Makushita 7E. Jonidan yusho in the past.

hoshi_kuro.gifAkiseyamaex-Makuuchi, 37 years old, is 2-2 at Makushita 7W. Jonokuchi yusho, Makushita yusho in his past.

hoshi_shiro.gifKanzaki is 1-3 at Makushita 8W, highest career rank. He started from Sandanme 100 tsukedashi in March 2022 and won the Sandanme yusho. 

hoshi_kuro.gifNabatame is 3-1 at Makushita 9E. Half Thai. Highest career rank.

hoshi_shiro.gifOonosato ( the much-hyped Nakamura) -starts off at Makushita 10 tsukedashi this basho. 3-1. Another ex- Kisenosato acquisition.

hoshi_shiro.gifIshizaki is 3-1 at Makushita 11E, Entered at Sandanme 100 tsukedashi in May 2021, when he won the Sandanme yusho.  

hoshi_kuro.gifMiyagi  is 0-4 and makekoshi at Makushita 11W, his highest career rank.  Only one makekoshi in his 11 basho career. Enhou clone.

hoshi_shiro.gifYoshii, 19 year old ex-Junior high Yokozuna boy wonder, is 2-2 at Makushita 12E. Makushita yusho in the past.

hoshi_shiro.gifTakahashi, another ex- Kisenosato recruit, is 4-0 and kachikoshi at Makushita 13W, his highest rank. 33-5 career. Jonokuchi yusho, Jonidan yusho.

hoshi_kuro.gifKazekenou is 3-1 at Makushita 13W, his highest rank. 37-8 career, Jonokuchi yusho May 2022. 

hoshi_shiro.gifYago, ex- Makuuchi, is 3-1  at Makushita 17W. Started at Makushita tsukedashi 15 in May 2017, has one Makushita yusho.

hoshi_shiro.gifHitoshi is 4-0 and kachikoshi at Makushita 18W. Sandanme yusho and two Jonidan yushos in the past, missed three bashos due to an injury 47-13 career when healthy.

hoshi_shiro.gifKayou is 1-3 at Makushita 19E. Started off at Sandanme 90 tsukedashi in May 2022.

hoshi_kuro.gifOushouumi is 2-2 at Makushita 22E. Jonidan yusho, Sandanme yusho

hoshi_kuro.gifKototebakari is 3-1 at Makushita 23E. Kotoshouhou's younger brother. Jonokuchi yusho, Jonidan yusho. 39-12-1 career.

hoshi_shiro.gifHatsuyama is 2-2 at Makushita 25E. He started March 2022 from Sandanme 100 tsukedashi. 

hoshi_shiro.gifWakanoshou is 3-1 at Makushita 25W, his highest career rank. 

hoshi_shiro.gifKiryuukou, ex-Tokitsukaze's son number 1, is 4-0 and kachikoshi at Makushita26W.

hoshi_shiro.gifWakatakamoto is 4-0 and kachikoshi at Makushita 29W. Eldest bother of Wakatakakage and Wakamotoharu.

hoshi_shiro.gifHokutenkai, Mongolian, is 3-1 at Makushita 34E. Jonidan yusho, Sandanme yusho in the past.

hoshi_shiro.gifMudouhou, ex-Taihou's other grandson (youngest) is 3-1 at Makushita 38W.

hoshi_shiro.gifTakerufuji is 3-1 at Makushita 41E, highest career rank, 22-2 career record, back to back Jonokuchi and Jonidan yushos.

hoshi_shiro.gifKazuto is 3-1 at Makushita 43W.  28-10 career, two playoff losses- (Jonokuchi and Sandanme).

hoshi_shiro.gifArauma,  Mongolian, is 3-1 at Makushita 48W.  First ever foreigner at Isenoumi beya.

hoshi_shiro.gifOotani, ex-Hakuhou's  recruit is 4-0 and kachikoshi at Makushita 49E, highest career rank. Jonokuchi yusho in the past. 27-5 career.American grandfather.

hoshi_shiro.gifFujitoushi is 2-2 at Makushita 51E. Suguro's brother.

hoshi_shiro.gifMaikeru, half  Filipino, is 1-3 at Makushita 52E. 

hoshi_kuro.gifKyokutaisei - ex-Makuuchi, dropped all the way to Jonokuchi after missing four bashos, is 2-2 at Sandanme 3E. He starred in a French documentary about life in a heya a few years back. 

hoshi_shiro.gifHanafusa, ex-Kisenosato's recruit, is 4-0 and kachikoshi at Sandanme 4E.

hoshi_shiro.gifKotokenryuu, 19 years old Mongolian, is 3-1 at Sandanme 6E.

hoshi_kuro.gifDaiseizan  is 2-2 at Sandanme 10E, his highest career rank. Inner Mongolian. 32-7 when healthy..

hoshi_kuro.gifItadaki, Canadian father, thirteen years in sumo, is 3-1 at  Sandanme 13E..

hoshi_kuro.gifNaya, ex- Taihou's third grandson (second eldest) is 3-1 at Sandanme 32E. There is another grandson, Yukio, but he's a pro-wrestler.

hoshi_shiro.gifShunrai, ex-Tokitsukaze's 18 years old son number 2, is 2-2  at Sandanme 54W. Jonokuchi yusho in the past.

hoshi_shiro.gifRinko - Ex-Kisenosato's recruit- 16 years old, one of the  Hayashi twins - is 3-1 at Sandanme 56W.

hoshi_shiro.gifSuguro is 3-1 at Sandanme 60W.  Sandanme 100 tsukedashi in November 2021, brother of Fujitoushi. Injuries have brought him here- three straight kyujos. 30-6 when healthy. Jonidan yusho last basho.

hoshi_kuro.gifSuyama, small first ever student/graduate from Tokyo University, is 2-2 Sandanme 73W, his highest career rank. Quite a media celeb.

hoshi_shiro.gifFuranshisu from the Philippines is 2-2 at Jonidan 11W.

hoshi_kuro.gifAnzakura (Sakuraba)- ex-Aminishiki's first recruit (and nephew) at his newly founded Ajigawa beya is  0-4 and makekoshi at Jonidan 20E, so definitely a celeb.. At his highest career rank.

hoshi_shiro.gifKaitoma (Kairou) - Mark Aaron Justin Toma- Brazilian-Filipino, is 3-1 at Jonidan 23E..

hoshi_kuro.gifHayashiryuu - Ex-Kisenosato's recruit- 16 years old, one of the Hayashi twins - is 2-2 at Jonidan 32E.

Ishiura is at Jonidan 60W. Ex- Makuuchi stalwart. Major injury. Seven straight kyujo. Jonokuchi yusho, Jonidan yusho in his past. KYUJO.

hoshi_kuro.gifSatonofuji  the bow twirler is 1-3 at Jonidan 85E. 46 years old.

Hokuouzan (Hagiwara), half Turkish, is Banzuke gai (off the banzuke, but still not retired).  Kyujo for the last 7 bashos. KYUJO

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