YDC on Hakuhou

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Moti Dichne

Jul 19, 2021, 10:10:56 AMJul 19
to Sumo Newsletter2

YDC Chairman Yano: "I couldn't believe my eyes on day 14 when he lined up way behind the shikirisen (white lines ). The daily harites (slaps to the face), the undoubtable forearm kachi- age attack on senshuraku,  and that pose he struck , which is totally unacceptable in martial arts - seeing all that, I thought it was indeed ugly. However you looked at it, it was not pretty. I think many fans frowned upon that. There is a deep underlying worry that sumo is going to the dogs."  He did however acknowledge that the "warning" issued to Hakuhou has been rescinded.  "I just want him to act like the Dai- Yokozuna that he is. I want people around him to talk to him about this. I hope that will help."

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