Sumo movie and violece at Michinoku beya

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Moti Dichne

May 9, 2023, 9:07:56 AM5/9/23
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An incident occurred back in January at Michinoku beya, where Makushita  Kirinofuji attacked  Sandanme Yasunishiki. Kirinofuji subsequently retired, the incident was reported to the Kyokai in real time, and it seems now everyone is moving along.

A must see series for any sumo fan on Netflix- Sanctuary. 8 part series. Great way to pass a Saturday.
 My review:

t's a movie, fiction, not a documentary so  not everything is totally precise....  Stii' the storyline was nice. Way too much sumo-stuff for the average viewer who knows nothing about sumo, but for us-intriguing.  Pitfalls here and there. They could have told the same story in 4 episodes, but hey, how often do we get a sumo series or movie? Overdramatization and amateurish acting at times notwithstanding, I shed a tear here and there.  There is yaocho, torikumi making, small heya danpatsushiki, chanko, hazing, caning-, jinku and even a Gagamaru look-alike- almost every aspect was dealt with. I say bravo for the effort- they should make a long story short the next time, though. If we have a next time, since I see a lot of bad reviews. I probably would find a movie about curling boring and pan it as well. And a bit too much graphic violence, exaggerated for dramatic effect I'm sure, but for us- overboard.

Where was it filmed?


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