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Moti Dichne

Jul 21, 2021, 7:59:48 AMJul 21
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Hokuseihou is Hakuhou's prodigy and belongs to his stable Miyagino. 2.02 meters tall. Born in Mongolia, raised in Hokkaido and is considered Japanese by the Kyokai. He has just been promoted to Juryo after only six bashos. 

"I want to become a Yokozuna by the time I'm 21 just like Hakuhou. This is the starting point now and I'm really happy I made it. When I entered and got the jonokuchi yusho I promised to become a sekitori in six bashos and proved I was responsible for what I say. If I would have trained harder I would have made it last basho. I wanted that Makushita yusho from the start. so I can be promoted. I've never had a yusho together with the Yokozuna. I wanted to get the yusho and really wanted the Yokozuna to do so as well! The yokozuna helps me out daily and has been teaching me the way of sumo. He called me this morning and said that this is just the beginning. His words are a huge incentive for me. My parents are thrilled and keep calling me sekitori.. The Yokozuna became a sekitori when he was 18. I totally wanted to become a sekitori while in my teens. I'm glad I succeeded. My size? I drank a lot of milk and slept a lot when I was small.. "

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