YDC convenes after Kyushu 2022

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Moti Dichne

Nov 28, 2022, 1:21:14 PM11/28/22
to Sumo Newsletter2
YDC Chairman Koumura said this about Takakeishou's Yokozuna aspirations: "As we know the criteria is back to back yushos or the equivalent by an Ozeki, but looking at Takakeishou, it seems he fits the criteria. I asked the Kyokai to relate to this. They answered that he indeed fits the criteria an if he gets a yusho with a good result next basho, and from that answer I gather that there will be no reason to disregard that.." In the past, Kisenosato was promoted even if he didn't have 2 consecutive yushos prior to his promotion but did really well the year before with a yusho and 4 jun-yushos. Takakeishou, OTOH, is not stable and had one mid-basho kyujo and 3 single digit kachikoshis this year, not something to write home about. A zensho may make it possible, says the reporter. The Chairman will be leaving his job in January after a ten year term and his successor will be Mr. Yamauchi Masayuki.
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