May 2023 basho- Ozeki promotion talk and day 1 matchups

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Moti Dichne

May 12, 2023, 2:16:34 AM5/12/23
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The Natsu (May) basho starts this Sunday May 14th and will run through May 28th. Wakatakakage is out due to injury. Yokozuna Terunofuji back after 4 basho, Takakeishou back after withdrawing mid-basho last basho. Kiribayama needs double digit wins to be promoted to Ozeki. "Then numbers and the content will be important," said Sadogatake Oyakata, head of the judging department. Daieishou is being considered for promotion too, as he had 10 wins at Maegashira 1 and 12 wins last basho at Komusubi. "It's more complicated since his streak started off at Maegashira, but there is precedent, so we''ll have to see how his basho goes and look at the content.." added Sadogatake Oyakata. As for Terunofuji- "He seems fine but when he retreats it seems he gets into trouble. His muscles have not "fallen" and once he gets the mawashi he is very strong. I'd like him to show Yokozuna-like sumo," he added. "Takakeishou looks well, no taping on his knees. His moving forward and pushing power are there. It\'s still a problem when he gets pushed back with that injured knee, no taping notwithstanding," summed the Oyakata.

Day 1 matchups:

FireShot Capture 053 - Natsu 2023, Day 1 Results -

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