Some lower division stuff- possible spoiler, although I doubt it..

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Moti Dichne

May 16, 2023, 3:00:51 AMMay 16
to Sumo Newsletter2

Lower divisions: Ukrainian Shishi (Makushita 2W, 2-0) definitely looks like someone who took a step forward-excellent bout today, resilient and stubborn and winning. A 5-2 should have him in Juryo next basho' maybe even a 4-3. Oonosato (1-1, started off his pro career this basho at Makushita 10, being a multiple amateur champion) hasn't had me convinced re the hype yet-shaky and over-excited.. Ochiai (Juryo 8, 3-0), OTOH, is unstoppable at this point, shoulder injury notwithstanding. Kawazoe (Makushita 1W,1-1) is injured for sure. Russian Rouga (Juryo 4W, 3-0) has taken a serious step forward as well. We may see him in Makuuchi as early as July. Solid sumo. Oushouma (Juryo 4E, 2-1) didn't train at all before the basho-injured, but doing OK. Gounoyama (Juryo 1E,3-0) definitely the first Takekuma beya Makuuchi rikishi next basho. He is even beginning to look like Goueidou (retired). And most important- we have  a new mega- salt thrower in Aqua (Juryo5W,1-2). Did anybody guess it would be him? I remember we discussed that. As long as Terutsuyoshi (Makushita 5W, 0-1) is un-sekitoried, Aqua will take over.

Juryo (2nd division) is awesome- I recommend it highly (10).

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