Day 12 lower division celebs' records

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Moti Dichne

Jul 15, 2021, 2:21:47 AMJul 15
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After Day 12 Nagoya 2021 :

Joukouryuu is 2-4 and makekoshi at Makushita 1E.

Hokuseihou, Hakuhou's new giant recruit, is 6-0 and kachikoshi at Makushita 2W, his highest career  rank. 

Chiyoootori is 3-3 at Makushita 7E.

Rouga the Russian is 4-2 and kachikoshi at Makushita 10W. 

Shishi, Ukranian,  (Sergey Sokolovski) is 3-3 at Makushita 12W, highest career rank.

Hokutenkai, Mongolian, is 2-4 and makekoshi at Makushita 13W.

Shouhouryuu the bow twirler is 3-3 at Makushita 15E.

Itadaki, Canadian father, eleven years in sumo,  is 0-6 and makekoshi at Makushita 18W, his highest rank.

Amakaze, former Juryo stalwart with one basho in Makuuchi was injured in July 2018 and dropped all the way down to Jonidan 50,  is 3-3 at Makushita 19W.

Kitanowaka, young ex- high-school champion, is 4-2 and kachikoshi at Makushita 21E.

Dewanoryuu the Mongolian is 4-2 and kachikoshi at Makushita 21W, his highest career rank.

Mudouhou, Taihou's other grandson (youngest) is 3-3 at Makushita 29E.

Fujiazuma, veteran (18 years)  ex-Makuuchi rikishi, 2-4 and makekoshi at Makushita 32E.

Shinohara, is 4-2 and kachikoshi at Makushita 38W.

Nihonyanagi is 1-5 and makekoshi at Makushita 40E, injured in today's loss.

Oushouumi (former Oufukasawa), is 5-1 and kachikoshi at Makushita 52E.

Nishikawa  is 4-2 and kachikoshi at Makushita 52W, his highest career rank. Started off at Sandanme 100 tsukedashi (special rank for college achievers)

Shimoyama is 4-2 and kachikoshi at Makushita 54W, his highest career rank.

Atamifuji is 5-1 and kachikoshi at his highest career rank of Makushita 55W. 24-3 career.

Hagiwara, half Turkish, is 3-3  at Makushita 56E, his highest  career rank.

Ishizaki,  Sandanme 100 tsukedashi last basho, won the Sandanme yusho and is 6-0 (13-0 career) and kachikoshi at Makushita 56W, obviously his highest career rank.

Yoshii, 17 year old ex-Junior high Yokozuna boy wonder, is 3-3 at Makushita 60W.

Kanno is 5-1 and kachikoshi at Sandanme 9E,  his highest career rank. Started off at Sandanme 100 tsukedashi.

Houzan, Taihou's third grandson (second eldest) is 3-3 at Sandanme 40E.  There is another grandson, Yukio, but he's a pro-wrestler.

Murayama  is 2-4 and makekoshi at Sandanme 53E, his highest career rank.

Tomokaze, ex- Maegashira 3, back after a serious injury that sidelined him for 6 bashos, is 5-1 and kachikoshi at Sandanme 55W.

Arauma,  Mongolian, is  4-2 and kachikoshi at Sandanme 57W, his highest career rank. First ever foreigner at  Isenoumi beya.

Sagatsukasa, old timer ex-Makuuchi, is 6-0 and kachikoshi at Sandanme 77E.

Furanshisu from the Philippines, is 0-2-4 at Sandanme  90W, kyujo.

Kairou - Mark Aaron Justin Toma- Brazilian-Filipino, is 3-3 at Jonidan 40E.

Hanakaze, the oldest guy in sumo, 51 years old, 35 years on the dohyo, is 3-3 at Jonidan 100E.

Kagamiou (yes, he's still active..) Mongolian ex-Maegashira with injuries, has been out more or less since day 5 of July 2020, kyujo at Jonokuchi 18E.

Shunrai, ex-Tokitsukaze's son number 2, is 6-0 and kachikoshi at Jonokuchi 23W, his highest career rank..

Kiryuukou, ex-Tokitsukaze's son number 1, is 5-1 and kachikoshi at Jonokuchi 24E, highest career rank..

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