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Moti Dichne

Nov 14, 2022, 6:29:07 PM11/14/22
to Sumo Newsletter2

More details. The heya is not asking to get rid of Ichinojou. On the contrary, the oyakata is seeking ways for reconciliation. Ichinojou's drinking started around 2017, after which the Oyakata forbade him to go out socially for a year. But two - three weeks after the ban was lifted , he started drinking again and returning home in the early morning hours and missing training. "I can't control myself, so please continue treating me strictly," he is said to have said back then. He went out with friends, causing some problems, at which point the okamisan started accompanying him to keep an eye on him. There were times he didn't drink, but when he started, he couldn't stop. When drunk, he used to hit the okamisan and squeeze her hands so tightly bruises could be seen. He threw things at her once as well. When he didn't go out, he would down a whole case of beer, and drink 1-2 bottles of whiskey at the heya. The okamisan was pushed to the floor at times, it is being said. He seems to acknowledge he has a drinking problem but would not cooperate with the Oyakata in seeking help from the Kyokai or seeking any sort of medical treatment. But what brought on the drinking? "I was not allowed to live by myself till now and that is the main reason.. If I can live alone, I won't drink," he explained back then. So last December, Minato Oyakata let him live alone, on condition he stopped drinking. Ichinojou agreed, but soon went back on his promise and started drinking again.

One day this February, he didn't show up for keiko. When asked why, he answered that he was so plastered he couldn't wake up. The next day the Oyakata got ready to have a talk with him, but Ichinojou sent him a note saying he will talk to him only through a lawyer. That's when Minato Oyakata gave up and went to the Kyokai for help. He then turned to Ichinojou's friends and discussed with them ways to mend this in case the addiction got worse, and is carefully considering how to deal with this in the future. "He has been talking to the Kyokai for more than half a year. We don't want to judge Ichinojou. We want him to use this as an opportunity to take a good look at himself," said people close to the heya.

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