Running Sugar Activities outside Sugar

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Sebastian Silva

Mar 9, 2014, 12:34:38 PM3/9/14
to, Aleksey Lim
Hi Alsroot and Sugar Network friends,
It used to be the case that, by clicking "launch" on Sugar Network
WebUI, I could run Sugar Activities on my desktop, i.e. outside Sugar.
Can this functionality be restored?
How hard would it be to make a Sugar Network that doesn't depend on
Sugar, for generic GNU+Linux X11 desktop?
Thanks for your feedback.

Aleksey Lim

Mar 10, 2014, 4:48:20 AM3/10/14
to Sebastian Silva,
If webui connected to local sugar-network-client process, launching means
just executing an application by client process. So, such executing is any
time possible (from API provided by sugar-network-client).

If launching application is a Sugar Activity intended to run out of Sugar
Shell, such usecase does not related to SN. Techincally, it is possible
if all sugar dbus services run (shell services should be emulated to support
Shell UI less mode).

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