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Aleksey Lim

Nov 30, 2012, 1:37:28 AM11/30/12
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== General ==

* Polish "Try it" wiki page with all possible methods how to try the
Sugar Network and explaining the difference between Web access and
local client applications

* A way to try all Sugar Network features
(Web access have restrictions)
by installing "Sugar Network" activity in regular Sugar installation:

* Contributor Hub activity was added to the Sugar Network
This method will bring all local client application features in
addition to Web based Contributor Hub

* Process dependencies while launching activities from the Sugar Network
from local client applications;
activity dependencies will be resolved and, if there is such need,
installed using PackageKit. On XO laptops (when yum PackageKit backed
might take too many resources, use presolve PackageKit backend
right now, the only dependency is sugar itself (set while uploading
activities to ASLO) to prevent launching inappropriate activities;
but, it is possible to add new activity dependencies as well

== Web UI ==

* Information notices for content published on the Network.
For the time being only "Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 Unported" is offered.

* New dialogs for "New Project" and "New Resource"

* First implementation of a system for synchronizing resources shared
in offline mode.

== Contributor Hub ==

* New, more compact, look&feel

* While navigating within the Contributor Hub, it change the url in
Web browser's status bar; so, it is possible to, e.g., bookmark the current
position in browser

* Upload Content resources
accessible only from http://network-devel.sugarlabs.org/hub/
(where anonymous users have administrative privileges) or from
local client applications

* Upload Journal objects to activity galleries, e.g.,
accessible only from local client applications

* Launch activities and gallery objects
hover over the particular activity or gallery object and click green
play button
accessible only from local client applications

* Download activities, gallery objects and content
hover over the particular object and click green download button
for local client applications, download button is replaced by launch

== Sugar Shell plugin ==

* Dialog for submitting failure reports was moved to the Shell plugin
from Web UI; so, it will be possible to report activity errors even
if Web UI is not started

== API ==

* Subscribe to Sugar Network node events
Events will be served using HTML5 Server-Sent Events mechanism

* Client side functionality
When API provided by a Sugar Network node should be enough in most
cases, there are features that can be implemented only from client
side, e.g., launch Sugar Network activities by one click or Journal
integration for easy sharing objects.

* Handy command-line utility to work with API

== Objects model ==

* Differentiate original authors and maintainers
See "Resource.author" on
that is useful when content was uploaded by not original authors
or when authors were not registered in the Sugar Network:
there are also special API commands to manage users:

* New Report resource (was extracted from Feedback)
with possibility to set review rating (like on ASLO)

== Try the release ==

Follow the "Try it" wiki page:


See Sugar Network usage tutorial created by Thomas C Gilliard:


== Credits ==

* People in the field for exposing a need, in such kind projects, and interest in testing.

* World wide community members who donated funds to make full time
working possible.

* People from mailing lists and IRC channels who are helping in
development process.
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