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Tim Heuer

Feb 19, 2012, 12:48:14 AM2/19/12
to Subtext
Hello Subtextians,

I've spent the past few days trying to move my Subtext DB to SQL Azure
given the price decreases (up to 100MB is $5/mo). Needless to say,
the process to on-board to SQL Azure was extremely painful for me
(mostly because my subtext db is still on Win2003 and SQL 2005).

At any rate, I got it working and it must be that SQL Azure is
slightly different or enforces a lot more. I got several warnings
about missing clustered indexes on tables (EntryViewCount, Referrals
are two i know about-
id=315) as well as stored procs expecting output values, but not
declaring them (GetFeedbackCountsByStatus-

At any rate, if anyone is also doing this and has hit issues, I'd
appreciate any data.

Simone Chiaretta

Feb 19, 2012, 4:55:09 AM2/19/12
to, Subtext
Hi Tim,
Support for Azure is something I'd love add to Subtext, but never had time to look into.
I think subtext at the moment might not run on azure because it stores images and indexes on the local file system.
Images should be stored in blob, while no idea. I think the guys did something to support azure, but not official support yet.

And also, to avoid paying money on storing referrals, there must be a way to to configure it.

But, indeed, if you can share any issue you have encountered, please mail it also to me directly, and I'll look into addressing them.


Simone Chiaretta
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Tim Heuer

Feb 19, 2012, 5:40:36 PM2/19/12
to Subtext
My effort was to first move the DB to SQL Azure, not the app.
Frankly, the process of onboarding to Azure really sucked for me. My
suspicion is my config of Win2003+SQL2005 isn't the main target...but
outside of the Windows OS, the SQL version is really only "last years"
model when compared to SQL 2008...and Subtext isn't overly complex.

Running the APP on Azure I suspect a lot of problems and I'm not even
convinced I understand how Azure really is intended to do these types
of apps right now. I'm not interested in moving my app to Azure as I
think the azure pricing doesn't make sense for me. Moving SQL to
something more scalable (I've had a few outages this past year on SQL)
was worth the $5/month...but paying for compute time at what could be
$70/month for my blog isn't something I'm looking to jump to right
now...not even spending time on experimenting.


On Feb 19, 1:55 am, Simone Chiaretta <>

Simone Chiaretta

Feb 20, 2012, 4:34:34 AM2/20/12
Ok, so you are basically running Subtext on you hosting and SQL on Azure? isn't there latency given the fact that web and sql are communicating over the internet instead of doing it via a local network?

As for Azure, I think if you don't have that much traffic, the extra-small instance might do, and that's just a 40€ per month, including blob storage, 1Gb SQL, 40Gb bandwidth and 40Gb CDN. Compared to other VPS is not that more expensive.
For example, epicwinhosting is more expensive, and you don't get a dedicated SQL Server (have to install on the VM). True, here you have a VM, and you can do everything with it, but at the end for just running a blog, it costs more.

Simone Chiaretta
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twitter: @simonech

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Tim Heuer

Feb 23, 2012, 11:24:20 AM2/23/12
I've not found the latency to be an issue at all actually.  My existing environment wasn't truly "local" either as SQL was on another box on a different VLAN so it had some hops.  You are definitely right that it probably isn't as fast as being local in the same network, but that isn't my main priority.  Stability was.  If I can get greater stability, less management headache and maintain the same 'speed' of queries, then I'm far I'm getting that.
As to moving the web app...I currently have my own dedicated server (for free) so it is hard to beat pricing of that anywhere :-). 

twitter: @timheuer

Simone Chiaretta

Feb 23, 2012, 11:30:08 AM2/23/12
ahah.. yeah, hard to beat free :)
I have a virtual server where I have both web and SQL on the same VM, and have encountered some issues with SQL server too.
Might try and see if connecting to DB via the internet is an issue too

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