Subterrane v0.194 Alpha Released

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Apr 25, 2007, 7:33:42 PM4/25/07
to Subterrane
v0.194 is finally here! This release has an immense number of

You can download it in the files section of this group.

|-- Version 0.194 04/25/07 --------------------------------------|
* Add: The combat system has been redesigned to be less streaky and
provide for a more interesting combat experience.
* Add: The creature attribute scale has been adjusted. Attributes now
start over a wider range.
* Add: Added a character sheet that displays your character's
statistics, accessible via 'C' or '@'.
* Add: Replaced the previous status display with one that shows
exactly what buffs and debuffs your character is being affected by.
* Add: Weapons now have an attack speed. Some weapons are faster,
are slower.
* Add: Removed the old schools/elemental magics and replaced them with
new schools: air, earth, fire, ice, nature, holy, shadow, and
arcane. This should simplify the magic system significantly,
making it easier to understand and easier to implement a variety of
spells for.
* Add: Wizards can now pick between earth, fire, and ice starting
specialties. These just provide starting spells and skillsets and
have no other influence or hinderance on the wizard.
* Add: Added over 60 new spells in total.
* Add: Introduced new spell power attribute in order to help balance
spell potency and differentiate between wizards and future
hybridized casters.
* Add: Added a defense skill.
* Add: Added Passive abilities, which are talents that are always
active and confer benefits (or penalties) upon your character.
* Add: Spells can now fizzle! Armor and shields now affect your
fizzle rate.
* Add: Many damage spells can now crit.
* Add: Area of effect spells have been implemented.
* Add: Closed doors can now be opened by walking into them.
* Add: Added 34 new monsters, including 3 new types of monsters. Also
3 new varieties of everybody's favorite, the floater!
* Add: You can now dump the character sheet to a file via the '#'
command. You are now asked if you want to dump your character
sheet to file when you die.
* Add: You can now set hot keys via the 'h' command and use them by
pressing the corresponding number. The bottom row of the screen
is now reserved for hotkey display. Hotkeys are now colored to
reflect their readiness state.
* Add: Added a generic "use" command accessible via 'u'. This will
perform a default action with a selected inventory item. For
weapons/armor, it will equip/unequip. For food, it will eat. For
potions, it will quaff. As other kinds of items are added, it will
handle those as well. When using hotkeys, this function is
implicitly invoked.
* Add: You can use the 'v' command to view information about items
in your inventory. You can also use the 'v' command from
within the examine command ('x') to view information about
* Add: Added an optional cooldown timer to talents, so powerful
that can only be used occasionally can be added.
* Add: The class selection screen now shows the primary attributes for
the class, as well as the suitability for beginners.
* Add: Added ringmail gloves, helm, and boots to fill armor level gap.
* Add: Improved font handling for "wannabe monospace" fonts like
Console. For example, using 20 point Lucida Console, most
characters render as a 12x20 glyph, but a few (eg. '@' and the
unicode wall symbol) render as 13x21. The character rendering code
now renders all symbols as the base size (12x20) even if they are
bigger, which removes artifacts caused by differently sized
characters being drawn.
* Add: The cursor in "select a target" mode are now colored to reflect
the range of the attack you are performing. Green means target is
within range, red means out of range. Note that a target within
range may still not be able to be hit with a projectile, as the FOV
code is more permissive with what is viewable than the line
algorithm is.
* Add: Creatures can now be stunned, which means they can't move, nor
attack, but they can still defend themselves.
* Add: Added framework for reactive abilities, which are triggered on
certain conditions. The first reactives to be implemented are
damage shield spells.
* Add: Added attribute modifiers for exp, skill exp, and skill points.
High intellect now grants bonuses to skill exp and skill points.
* Add: Added new warrior talents, and changed the effect of some old
warrior talents slightly.
* Add: Spell healing is now modified by the discipline attribute.
* Add: Old Subterrane.ini files are now converted to the new better
documented .ini format.
* Add: Added a character highlight tracker (command 'H', also
accessible via the character sheet 'C' or '@') that remembers the
player's highlights.
* Add: Warriors now start with talent "Block Party", which increases
block rate temporarily, but has a long cooldown.
* Add: Wizards now start with talent "Mana Shock", which allows them
stun an adjacent creature in order to get distance.
* Add: Strength now adds to weapon damage as a percentage of the
weapon's base damage, so weapons of all damage ranges should scale
* Add: Intellect now adds to spell damage in the same way strength
to weapon damage.

* Mod: Increased HP and energy regen rates significantly.
* Mod: Creatures now generate HP at double normal rate if under 25%
* Mod: Updated ranges on spells.
* Mod: Changed attribute skill increase rates so it is much easier to
gain attribute skills (but still not that easy).
* Mod: Did a balancing pass on spell costs and fizzle rates. These
will be adjusted much more in future versions as they are
* Mod: Wizards now start with a penalty to hit with melee weapons.
Otherwise they're almost as powerful as warriors in melee at low
* Mod: Gave creature natural armor ratings and damage a major tuning
* Mod: Most humanoid creatures now wear helms.
* Mod: Retuned armor levels.
* Mod: Creatures without armor now get both deflection and absorption
instead of just absorption.
* Mod: Warriors now start with a leather cap, leather gloves, and
leather boots.
* Mod: Wizards no longer start with a cloth cap.
* Mod: Warriors picking the sword specialization now start with a
sword instead of a short sword.
* Mod: Hitting a stunned creature will now unstun it.
* Mod: Changed the encumbrance formula so it has a larger static
component and scales less with attributes.
* Mod: Changed the keymapping for "rest until 1 hp gain" to '['
* Mod: Changed the keymapping for "rest until 1 energy gain" to ']'
* Mod: Added pineapples by request.
* Mod: Players now start with a loaf of bread and one random food
* Mod: Monsters that start within the player's sight range on level 1
of the dungeon will now be moved elsewhere.
* Mod: Dex now increases movement rate slightly.
* Mod: Removed the lore skills from the learn new skills page because
they aren't implemented yet and shouldn't be exposed until then.
* Mod: Added a few new hints.
* Mod: If you have no ammo equipped, you will be asked to select which
ammo you would like to fire/throw.
* Mod: Ranged attacks are now easier to dodge/block, but can not be
parried or deflected.
* Mod: Wizards now start with a dagger instead of a staff.
* Mod: Slightly changed the amount of HP and Energy given for Sta and
* Mod: Doubled HP and Energy from previous values to ensure better
distribution of %-based effects and allow for more dynamic range.
* Mod: Reduced the weight of most shields.
* Mod: Added code to prevent most monsters from starting next to the
player in level 1 of the dungeon.
* Mod: Monsters will no longer start with broken items as part of
their initial equipment set.
* Mod: Some calculated numbers are now rounded instead of truncated.
This includes weapon damage reduction due to mitigation.
* Mod: Most humanoid monsters are now generated with variable types of
* Mod: Added minotaur axes.
* Mod: Evocation skill is now harder to learn through use.
* Mod: Ranged projectile spells now miss less (since they can fizzle).
* Mod: Specific durability numbers have now been hidden from the user
until the item is identified (which is not currently possible).
* Mod: The dressing skill has been reassigned to the EASY category and
the number of uses to skillup has been reduced.
* Mod: Improved the efficiency of the scroll buffer code by presorting
all the lines to display so we do not have to loop through them all
every time we're displaying a page.
* Mod: Slightly reduced the weight of potions.
* Mod: The talent selection screen now uses color to tell you whether
you can select a given talent or not based on energy cost and/or
cooldown status.
* Mod: Many monsters have had their base speeds changed.
* Mod: Monsters have had their attributes adjusted to fit into the new
attribute scale.
* Mod: Changed the class strengths/weaknesses to better give an idea
what the classes general strengths/weaknesses are rather than
specific bonuses.
* Mod: Reduced level cap to level 25. Anything above that is outside
the scope of this game at the moment.
* Mod: Changed armor absorption values for new combat system.
* Mod: Added initial formulas for ATTR_MITIGATION and
ATTR_SPELL_MITIGATION based on armor absorption value. Mitigation
now works on a percentage scale rather than an absolute value.
* Mod: Implemented mitigation and penetration values into the combat
* Mod: Removed the whip skill and whip item. There just doesn't seem
to be any real justification for it's existance.
* Mod: Modified weapon base damage to fit in the new combat system.
* Mod: Adjusted sprinting energy loss formula for new attribute range.
* Mod: Wizards now start with the Abundant Energy passive ability,
which gives +10 energy.
* Mod: Removed the swap spot since it's going to be superceded by
another system.
* Mod: The learn talents screen now shows what type of talent each
talent is (eg. an ability, spell, prayer, etc...)
* Mod: The price of talents that can not be learned is now printed in
* Mod: Changed the formula for the cost of learning talents in order
simplify things a bit.
* Mod: Passive abilities now show up in the Ability listing.
* Mod: Examining or targeting information no longer overwrites the
that shows what commands are available in that mode.
* Mod: Changed the player HP and Energy scale to the new system.
* Mod: Adjusted skill point costs for skills downward
* Mod: Tweaked the attribute scale, so starting attributes are
approximately doubled.
* Mod: Pressing escape at the character name prompt now exits the
* Mod: Rearranged the stats display to make room for the effects
* Mod: Using the Take off command now pulls up the equipment screen
instead of the inventory screen.

* Fix: Fixed a bug that caused your current encumbrance to be
calculated incorrectly when picking up items that stacked with
items already in your inventory.
* Fix: Fixed a bug in the encumbrance calculation and status display
when encumbered within +/- 1% of max.
* Fix: The player will now be notified if a creature in view breaks a
piece of equipment.
* Fix: Fixed some issues with the BoardQueue that determines when
creatures get to move. Effects on creatures were only being
processed when the creature actually got to move. This was okay in
most cases, but could result in some strange things happening, like
creatures who should have died of poison not dying for a long time
if they'd performed an very long action previously.
* Fix: Fixed a bug where moving the examine cursor off of the board
caused it not to be properly erased when moved.
* Fix: Fixed some assertion problems when trying to select squares
outside of the defined board.
* Fix: Fixed bug in FOV code. FOV code should be more efficient now.
* Fix: Monsters that die without agroing the player will now give the
player exp.
* Fix: Monsters that die in a player's view will now display a
* Fix: Fixed a bug where effects that regenerated hp or energy could
regenerate you over your maximum amount.
* Fix: Fixed a bug where some numbers on the character sheet were
being truncated instead of rounded.
* Fix: Fixed a bug where monsters weapon speeds were not varying.
* Fix: Fixed a bug where monsters that do not use weapons were not
being given the unarmed combat skill to effectively use their
natural weapons.
* Fix: Fixed a problem where some scaled numbers were being truncated
instead of rounded.
* Fix: Fixed a bug in LOSRangeIterator that allowed ranged weapons to
be thrown/fired one square too far.
* Fix: Shields now penalize movement rate and dodge percentage
* Fix: Fixed some problems with the "rest until 1 hp/energy
regenerated" commands.
* Fix: Fixed a bug in the sprinting energy loss system that made it so
only 1 energy could be lost per move.
* Fix: Fixed a bug that caused some creatures to produce the wrong
corpse types when converted into food.
* Fix: Kobold champions now start with armor and a weapon.
* Fix: Fixed a bug where the player's energy wasn't being updated
correctly in the status display after casting spells sometimes.
* Fix: Fixed a bug in the encumbrance effect code that could cause a
crash if the player started out overloaded.
* Fix: Fixed a bug in the HP code that was giving warriors the same HP
as wizards.
* Fix: Fixed a bug where encumbrance wasn't being removed correctly.
* Fix: Fixed a bug where you couldn't drop gold if it was your only


May 1, 2007, 3:55:59 PM5/1/07
to Subterrane

Version 0.194b has been released, which fixes a major bug with the
encumbrance calculations. You can download it from the file section
of this group.

|-- Version 0.194b 05/01/07 Lines of Code: 31,148 -------------|
* Fix: Fixed a bug where current and max encumbrance were being
calculated incorrectly.
* Fix: Fixed a very rare bug that could cause overflow when preparing

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