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Guillou Claude

Jul 30, 2022, 4:45:36 AMJul 30
to Subsurface Divelog
Hi all,

It seems I have done a wrong sync with an old empty divelog archive on my computer and then synchronised it with cloud storage.
As a result I have lost all my divelog of the last years since I started to use Subsurface.
I can resync with my OSTC but then I will not restore information such a SAC, comments, buddies, diving gear etc...

My disaster happened last week end
I read in this group that it happend ot others and that the cloud file could be restored.

I will be very happy if this can be done.

Thansk a lot.


Jason Bramwell

Jul 30, 2022, 4:50:52 AMJul 30
to subsurfac...@googlegroups.com
Hail dirk @ hohndel.org from the email address used for the sync giving home explicit permissions to access your dive log and this can likely be saved. It’s something you can do yourself if you are familiar with Git bit if not familiar then best let the expert handle it.


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Hi all,
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Dirk Hohndel

Jul 30, 2022, 11:36:24 AMJul 30
to subsurfac...@googlegroups.com
Hahaha... this is funny. Ok, it's not, but I'll tell you in a second.

So the way you wrote my email address in order to reduce email harvesting (not, really, that it makes a difference, given that I get about a hundred spam emails a day that make it through to levels of filtering, plus another couple hundred that get caught) looks in some mail software like a link to 'hohndel.org', which for silly reasons that have to do with the spam prevention methods used by some large email providers now leads you to the generic 'abuse' page for my domain (because having one of those is a hard requirement in order for those providers to allow email from your domain to be delivered - go figure).

And now Claude filled out the 'abuse' form in order to contact me. Which of course doesn't meet the requirements of "send an email to di...@hohndel.org from the right account" 🤣🤷🏼‍♂️

So, thanks as always, Jason, for being so good at responding to people. It's much appreciated. You gave me a good laugh this morning.



Jul 30, 2022, 4:36:24 PMJul 30
to subsurfac...@googlegroups.com
That'll teach me to reply quickly on my mobile when I'm not fully concentrating, you can see that autocorrect changed my word email to hail, that does actually work in this instance but that's just by luck rather than intentional. I don't know where i saw it but i thought that in the past i'd seen you write your email address like that and figured that i ought to follow suit if that was your chosen way of presenting it, i guess this was just a figment of my imagination though.


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