Submariner 0.10 Release

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Daniel Farrell

Aug 16, 2021, 10:15:11 AM8/16/21
to submariner-users,

Submariner 0.10.1 is released!
  • Inter-connecting clusters with overlapping CIDRs (Globalnet):
    • The initial Globanet implementation is deprecated in favor of a new implementation which is more performant and scalable. Globalnet now allows users to explicitly request global IPs at the cluster level, for specific namespaces, or for specific Pods. The new Globalnet implementation is not backward-compatible with the initial Globalnet solution and there is no upgrade path.
    • Globalnet now supports headless Services.
    • The default `globalnetCIDR` range is changed from to and each cluster is allocated 64K Global IPs.
    • Globalnet no longer annotates Pods and Services with global IPs but stores this information in `ClusterGlobalEgressIP`, `GlobalEgressIP`, and `GlobalIngressIP` resources.
  • A new experimental load balancer mode was introduced which is designed to simplify the deployment of Submariner in cloud environments where worker nodes do not have access to a dedicated public IP. In this mode, the Submariner Operator creates a LoadBalancer Service that exposes both the encapsulation dataplane port as well as the NAT-T discovery port. This mode can be enabled by using `subctl join --load-balancer`.
  • Submariner now supports inter-cluster connections based on the VXLAN protocol. This is useful in cases where encryption, such as with IPsec or WireGuard, is not desired, for example on connections that are already encrypted where the overhead of double encryption is not necessary or performant. This can be enabled by setting the `--cable-driver vxlan` option during `subctl join`.
  • Submariner now supports SRV DNS queries for both ClusterIP and Headless Services. This facilitates Service discovery using port name and protocol. For a ClusterIP Service, this resolves to the port number and the domain name. For a Headless Service, the name resolves to multiple answers, one for each Pod backing the Service.
  • Improved the Submariner integration with the Calico CNI.
  • `subctl benchmark latency` and `subctl benchmark throughput` now take a new flag `--kubecontexts` as input instead of two kubeconfig files.

Thank you everyone who contributed!

Miguel Angel Ajo

Aug 17, 2021, 5:16:42 AM8/17/21
to Daniel Farrell, submariner-users, submariner-dev
Congratulations for this new and exciting release! :)

Keep up the good work!

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