Submariner 0.7.0 Release

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Daniel Farrell

Oct 20, 2020, 10:04:57 AM10/20/20

Submariner 0.7.0 is released!

This release mainly focused on adding support for StatefulSets in Lighthouse for service discovery and adding new subctl commands to benchmark the network performance across clusters.
  • Lighthouse enhancements/changes:
    • Added support for accessing individual Pods in a StatefulSet using their host names.
    • A Service in a specific cluster can now be explicitly queried.
    • Removed support for the `supercluster.local` domain to align with the Kubernetes MultiCluster Service API.
  • Added new subctl benchmark commands for measuring the throughput and round trip latency between two Pods in separate clusters or within the same cluster.
  • The data path is no longer disrupted when the Globalnet Pod is restarted.
  • The Route Agent component now runs on all worker nodes including those with taints.

When upgrading to 0.7.0 on a cluster already running Submariner, the current state must be cleared:

  • Remove the Submariner namespaces: `kubectl delete ns submariner-operator submariner-k8s-broker`
  • Remove the Submariner cluster roles: `kubectl delete clusterroles submariner-lighthouse submariner-operator submariner-operator:globalnet`

Thank you everyone who contributed!
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