Submariner 0.12.0 Release

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Daniel Farrell

Apr 11, 2022, 12:02:02 PM4/11/22
to submariner-users,

Submariner 0.12.0 is released!

New features
  • Added a new `subctl uninstall` command that removes all Submariner components and dataplane artifacts, such as iptables rules and routing table entries, from a cluster.
  • Added a new `subctl unexport` command that stops exporting a previously exported service.
  • Added new `subctl cloud prepare` and `subctl cloud cleanup` commands for the Red Hat OpenStack Platform (RHOS).
  • Added new metrics:
    • Globalnet: Count of global Egress IPs allocated at Cluster scope, namespace scope, and for selected pods per CIDR.
    • Globalnet: Count of global Ingress IPs allocated for Pods/Services per CIDR.
    • Service Discovery: Count of DNS queries handled by Lighthouse.
  • Added support for Globalnet objects verification using `subctl diagnose` command.
  • Added support for --broker-namespace flag while deploying the Broker.
  • Added support for running `subctl diagnose` on single node clusters.
  • Added support for running `subctl diagnose` from a pod in a cluster.
  • `subctl cloud prepare` now deploys a dedicated gateway node as a default option on GCP and OpenStack platforms.
  • `subctl show` now shows information about the Broker CR in the cluster.
  • `subctl gather` now collects Globalnet information.
  • `subctl diagnose` displays a warning when a generic CNI network plugin is detected.
Bug fixes
  • Calico is now correctly detected when used as a network plugin in OpenShift.
  • Services without selectors can now be resolved across the ClusterSet.
  • `subctl diagnose firewall inter-cluster` now works correctly for the VXLAN cable driver.
Other changes
  • The broker token and IPsec PSK are now stored in secrets which are used in preference to the corresponding fields in the Submariner CR, which are now deprecated. For backwards compatibility and to simplify upgrades, the deprecated fields are still populated but will be removed in 0.13.
  • Globalnet no longer uses kube-proxy chains in support of exported services. Instead, it now creates an internal ClusterIP Service with the ExternalIPs set to the global IP assigned to the corresponding Service. Some Kubernetes distributions don’t allow Services with ExternalIPs by default for security reasons. Users must follow the Globalnet prerequisites to allow the Globalnet controller to create/update/delete Services with ExternalIPs.
Known Issues
  • When using the dot character in the cluster name, service discovery doesn’t work (#707).
  • On OpenShift, Globalnet metrics do not appear automatically. This can be fixed by manually opening the Globalnet metrics port, TCP/8081.
  • When using `subctl cloud prepare` on Red Hat OpenStack Platform (RHOS), if a dedicated gateway is used, the Submariner gateway security group and Submariner internal security group are associated with the wrong node. This can be resolved by manually adding the security groups using OpenStack CLI or Web UI (#227).

Thank you everyone who contributed!
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