Submariner 0.13.0 Release

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Daniel Farrell

Jul 26, 2022, 12:31:04 PM7/26/22
to submariner-users,

Submariner 0.13.0 is released!

New features

  • All Submariner container images are now available for x86-64 and ARM64 architectures.
  • Support was added in `subctl cloud prepare` to deploy Submariner on OpenShift on Microsoft Azure. This automatically configures the underlying Azure cloud infrastructure to meet Submariner's prerequisites.
  • Added more robust support for connecting clusters that use the OVNKubernetes CNI plugin in non-Globalnet deployments. Note that OVNKubernetes requires the OVN NorthBound DB version to be 6.1.0 or above and older versions are not supported. Also note that the minimum supported OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) version is 4.11.
  • Added support for connecting to Kubernetes headless Services without Pod label selectors in Globalnet deployments. This is useful when you want to point a Service to another Service in a different namespace or external network. When endpoints are manually defined by the user, Submariner automatically routes the traffic and provides DNS resolution.
  • Added a new `subctl show brokers` command that displays information about the Submariner Brokers installed.
  • The `subctl diagnose` command was extended to verify inter-cluster connectivity when Submariner is deployed using a LoadBalancer Service.

Other changes

  • The `submariner-operator` namespace is labeled in accordance with KEP-2579: Pod Security Admission Control (default in Kubernetes 1.24) to allow the Pods to be privileged.
  • The default namespace in which `subctl diagnose kubeproxy` and `subctl diagnose firewall` (and subcommands) spawn a Pod has been changed from `default` to `submariner-operator` as the latter has all necessary labels needed by the Pod Security Admission Controller. If the user-specified namespace is missing any of these labels, `subctl` will inform the user about the warnings in the `subctl diagnose` logs.
  • The Globalnet metrics port will now be opened by default when Globalnet is deployed using `subctl cloud prepare`.
  • It is now possible to customize the default TCP MSS clamping value set by Submariner in Globalnet deployments. This could be useful in network topologies where MTU issues are seen. To force a particular MSS clamping value use the `` node annotation on Gateway nodes, e.g. `kubectl annotate node <node_name><value>`.

Thank you everyone who contributed!
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