Submariner 0.6.0 Release

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Daniel Farrell

Sep 2, 2020, 10:07:32 AM9/2/20

Submariner 0.6.0 is released!

This release mainly focused on support for headless Services in Lighthouse, as well as improving Submariner's High Availability (HA).

Warning: The DNS domains have been updated from <service>.<namespace>.svc.supercluster.local to <service>.<namespace>.svc.clusterset.local to align with the change in Kubernetes MultiCluster Service API. Both domains will be supported for 0.6.0 but 0.7.0 will remove support for supercluster.local. Please update your deployments and applications.

  • Lighthouse has been enhanced to:
    • Be aware of the local cluster Gateway connectivity so as not to announce the IP addresses for disconnected remote clusters.
    • Support headless Services for non-Globalnet deployments. Support for Globalnet will be available in a future release.
    • Be aware of a Service's backend Pods so as not to announce IP addresses for Services that have no active pods.
    • Use Round Robin IP resolution for services available in multiple clusters.
    • Enable Service discovery by default for subctl deployments.
  • Subctl auto-detects the cluster ID from the kubeconfig file information when possible.
  • The Submariner Pods now shutdown gracefully and do proper cleanup which reduces the downtime during Gateway failover.
  • The operator now automatically exports Prometheus metrics; these integrate seamlessly with OpenShift Prometheus if user workload monitoring is enabled, and can be included in any other Prometheus setup.
  • Minimum Kubernetes version is now 1.17.
  • HostNetwork to remote Service connectivity fixes for AWS clusters (Issue 736).
  • The project's codebase quality and readability has been improved using various linters.

Thank you everyone who contributed!
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